Memorable Comfort Food in Chicago

Where to Find Great Comfort Food in the Windy City By Bob & Sue In addition to three of our favorite fine dining restaurants in Chicago—Grace, Alinea and 16 at the Trump—we enjoyed several first time places for memorable comfort food: Credit: Huge Galdones Momotaro This large Japanese restaurant offers delicious sushi and high-quality small…  Read More

Where to Eat Vietnamese Food in Minneapolis

The Twin Cities’ Best Vietnamese Restaurants Home to a vibrant Vietnamese community, the Twin Cities are a pho-lover’s paradise. And in a town chock-full of great Vietnamese restaurants, it’s difficult to name the best. From fantastic noodle soups to Banh mi sandwiches, bao to broken rice platters here are our favorite Vietnamese spots. Quang If…  Read More

Rustic Canyon Wine Bar & Seasonal Kitchen

Santa Monica’s Rustic Canyon By Bob & Sue Chef Jeremy Fox (ex-Ubuntu and Manresa) offers creative dishes and a thoughtful wine list in this trendy, casual restaurant. Vegetarians will love the beets with quinoa, avocado, blood orange and pistachio; the fresh peas with pecorino, mint, black pepper and red wine vinegar; and the white yams…  Read More

La Barbecue’s Austin Favorites

La Barbecue’s Top 5 for Austin In the crowded, competitive and often ruthless Texas barbecue scene, La Barbecue sits among the best of the best. Sure it helps that owner LeAnn Mueller hails from barbecue royalty—her grandfather founded Taylor, Texas’ Louie Mueller Barbecue in 1949, a temple of smoked meat that never fails to impress.…  Read More

Where to Splurge in Northern California

Eating at California’s Five Michelin 3 Stars By Bob & Sue With the elevation of Manresa to three stars for 2016, Northern California now has five of the 13 Michelin 3-star restaurants in the United States. We ate at all five in nine days during our recent anniversary celebration in January. These five great chefs…  Read More

5 Questions: Nick Kokonas

The Future of Restaurant Reservations Chicago restaurateur Nick Kokonas co-owns Alinea, Next and The Aviary with chef Grant Achatz. After recognizing the downfalls of traditional restaurant reservations, Kokonas set out to transform the industry with his ticketing system Tock. Similar to buying tickets for a concert or sporting event, Tock creates a transparent and seamless booking…  Read More

Taste Atlas: Johannesburg

Devour Johannesburg A lively and diverse city, Johannesburg—known by locals as Jozi, Jo’Burg or Joeys—is the largest city in South Africa. With a history chock full of crime and decay, the city’s future is heading in a different direction. An influx of creative energy has tourists eager to visit and the city is coming back…  Read More

Taste Atlas: Buenos Aires

Devour Buenos Aires A Latin American city heavy with European influences, Buenos Aires is the best of both worlds. Equally confident and classy, there’s no question why it’s the most visited South American city. A unique cultural life thrives here, from the old-timey cafes, European architecture and bustling streets to the devoted soccer fans and…  Read More

My Hometown: Ed Lee’s Louisville

Ed Lee’s Top Picks for Louisville You may recognize chef Edward Lee from his television appearances—Top Chef, Mind of a Chef (for which he earned an Emmy nomination), Iron Chef America, to name a few—but he’s more than a TV star. His brilliant cooking at 610 Magnolia has landed him four nominations for Best Chef: Southeast…  Read More

Taste Atlas: Dublin

Devour Dublin Few modern European cities can match Dublin’s mix of rough spirit and hip energy. Rife with old-school pubs and scratchy-voiced musicians, there has been a recent influx of young entrepreneurial-types who have been fostering a place where creativity and contemporary ideas can flourish. With this unique meshing of history and modernity, there is…  Read More

Taste Atlas: Madrid

Devour Madrid A vibrant city with a storied history, beautiful architecture and a serious appetite for food, art and music, Madrid is one of Europe’s great capitals of culture. From market tapas to Michelin-starred fine dining, restaurants in this bustling metropolis intertwine the country’s rich culinary traditions with innovation and modern gastronomy. Here’s a sampling…  Read More

Taste Atlas: Dubai

Devour Dubai Dubai is the wealthiest and most populous of the seven United Arab Emirates. In just two short decades, it’s grown into a modern metropolis with man-made islands, shopping centers with indoor ski slopes and the world’s tallest skyscraper. But scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find a vibrant melting pot of immigrants, merging…  Read More

My Hometown: Justin Yu’s Houston

Justin Yu on Where to Eat & Drink in Houston With an astounding blend of cultures and cuisine, Houston has long been one of America’s great food cities. But it’s only been until recently—with chefs like Chris Shepherd, Hugo Ortega and Justin Yu leading the pack—that anyone’s paid attention to the robust dining scene. Well…  Read More

Where to Eat in Milan

Five Great Meals in Milan By Devan Grimsrud Host of the 2015 World’s Fair, Milan is expected to draw a staggering 20 million visitors this summer. The 1 million square meter exhibition area features architecturally stunning pavilions built by participating countries, all exploring the overarching theme of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. Learn about the…  Read More

7 Real-Deal, Farm-to-Table Minnesota Restaurants

Minnesota Restaurants Supporting Local Farms I love all four seasons, but there are few greater things in life than the first days of a Minnesota spring. We love celebrating another winter survived, and if you’re anything like me, food plays a huge role. I can’t wait until restaurants unveil their spring menus, teeming with fresh…  Read More

Where to Eat in the Faroe Islands

Recommendations for the Far Flung Faroe Islands Halfway between Iceland and Norway in the heart of the North Atlantic, the Faroe Islands have famously been described as ‘the windy edge of nowhere.’ The 50,000 Faroese who live among the 18 islands are proud descendants of a Viking culture that landed here 1,200 years ago. Centuries…  Read More

Eat, Drink & Party in Madison, Wisconsin

Madtown Recommendations By Molly Mogren Wisconsin’s capital city is also its biggest college town. While Badgers are known to party hard, this hippy-dippy town also offers up amazing ethnic restaurants, classic German bars and locally-driven fine dining. Without further ado… The Classics Tornado Steak House An old-school steak house serving up classic cuts (T-bones, ribeyes…  Read More

Six Cancun Restaurants That Don’t Suck

Spring Break Recommendations By Molly Mogren This spring breaker’s paradise is known for its foam parties, American chain restaurants and all-inclusive hotels. However, this city is finally growing up, with fantastic dining options to match. If you’re looking to dine on something other than a bloomin’ onion at Outback, hit up any of these excellent…  Read More

10 Must-Have Food Experiences in Ireland

John McKenna’s Top Picks Ireland’s leading food critic and one of the country’s most authoritative voices in food journalism, John McKenna has been writing about the burgeoning Irish food scene for 25 years. Before your next trip to Ireland, be sure to check out McKennas’ Guides, a series of guide books by John and his longtime…  Read More


Indulge in Montréal Montréal is not only one of the most beautiful and captivating cities in North America, it’s also one of the most exciting places to eat and indulge. Our neighbor to the north celebrates foods like poutine (French fries and cheese curds smothered in gravy), maple syrup and decadent foie gras, so a…  Read More

Los Angeles

L.A. Recommendations From Michelin-starred fine dining to Korean barbecue and taco food trucks, Los Angeles has one of the most exciting and diverse food scenes in the country. Here’s a snapshot of my favorite L.A. eateries and hotels – there are probably a hundred more that should be on the list, but I’m only vouching…  Read More


Indulge in the City of Light The French take their food very seriously. This is the country that created the tasting menu, doesn’t believe in low fat, and treats pastries as a kind of religion. Here are my favorite restaurants and hotels in Paris, from old school French bistros and Michelin-starred dining to casual spots…  Read More