Chinese Spicy, Sweet & Sour Lamb Chops

Chinese Lamb Chops By Andrew Zimmern Here I’ve combined two of my favorites—Chinese food and lamb—in one easy recipe. And who doesn’t love lamb racks cut into easy to eat mini caveman chops? Instructions TOTAL TIME: 2 HR SERVINGS: 4 Make the Marinade In a large baking dish, whisk the egg whites until foamy. Whisk in the […]

Velvet Chicken

Simple Sweet & Spicy Stir-Fry By Andrew Zimmern Velvet Chicken. Sexy name. Great dish. Classic technique. I wouldn’t call this entry-level Chinese cookery—it’s 201 course work—but any novice can produce a stellar version of this dish because it’s so easy to execute. The boiling of the marinated meat in oil results in a velvety texture […]

The One Ingredient I Can’t Live Without

My Secret Weapon in the Kitchen Fermented chile bean sauce (toban djan) will change your cooking life. You can marinate with it, use it as a rub, in a sauce or any way you can imagine. The fermented beans supply all the punch of authenticity and honesty you need to make some great Chinese food […]

Pearl Rice Balls with Ginger-Sesame Sauce

Show-Stopping Pork & Rice Dumplings By Andrew Zimmern I started making these pearl rice balls about 18 years ago after returning from my first trip to China. I had visited a dumpling house in Xian and became fascinated with presentation styles of standard Chinese pork farces. Creating different wrappers and decorating them is beyond the normal skill […]

Aromatic Soy Sauce Noodles

Fast, Simple Sichuan Noodles By Andrew Zimmern This nicely balanced Sichuan sauce with just the right amount of heat is flavored with star anise and fennel seeds and makes a phenomenal, quick dressing for egg noodles of any kind. I use the aromatic soy sauce as an ingredient in anything requiring sweet soy or as a […]

Melissa Joulwan’s Chinese Five-Spice Pork Ribs

Fall-Off-The-Bone Pork Ribs By Melissa Joulwan Want to be a kitchen wizard (while doing minimal work)? Of course you do! Thanks to succulent pork, good spices, and a slow cooker, this recipe results in fall-off-the-bone-if-you-look-at-them-askance ribs that are infused with the complex and comforting flavors of Chinese five-spice powder. The kicker? Your time investment is […]

Pork & Asparagus with Chile-Garlic Sauce

Authentic Chinese at Home By Andrew Zimmern Fermented chile-garlic bean sauce (toban djan) will change your cooking life. You can marinate with it, use it as a rub, in a sauce or any way you can imagine. The fermented beans supply all the punch of authenticity and honesty you need to make some great Chinese […]

Verdant Tea

Artisan Chinese Tea A recent addition to Minneapolis’ Seward neighborhood, Verdant Tea Tasting Room & Tea Bar offers a curated selection of artisan, seasonal Chinese teas from small family farms. Owners Lily and David Duckler are obsessed with tea and the hospitality culture that revolves around it. They spend a lot of time in China each year […]

Peter Chang

Incendiary Chinese Cuisine Many consider Peter Chang to be the greatest Chinese chef cooking in America, and he has a devoted legion of followers to prove it. Chang’s food-obsessed groupies, who’ve spent years chasing the peripatetic chef across the country, are finally at peace now that he’s settled down in Virginia. At Peter Chang’s China Cafe you’ll […]

Sun Wah Barbecue

Perfect Peking Duck By Bob & Sue In between our memorable meals at Alinea and Grace, we enjoyed Sun Wah’s perfectly prepared Peking duck with soft buns. This informal north side neighborhood restaurant attracts large crowds of appreciative diners who also enjoy the delicious egg rolls, barbecued pork, and Singapore style rice noodles. Contact 5039 N Broadway Chicago, IL […]

Fu Xian-Style Crispy Salt-and-Pepper Lobster

Wok-Tossed Lobster By Andrew Zimmern Instructions Servings: 4 to 6 Cut lobster bodies in half lengthwise and tails once crosswise. Crack claws, remove knuckles from main claw. Remove and discard top shell carapace covering the small set of legs, reserve for another use. Trim and discard the fibrous lung tissue. You should have 4 claws, […]

Wok-Tossed Crickets with Chives & Black Beans

Hot Wok Crickets By Andrew Zimmern High in protein and rich in minerals, crickets are the most popular insect eaten around the world. In the Philippines they’re sautéed with vinegar, onions and tomatoes; in Mexico they’re served more like a bar snack–dry roasted and seasoned with salt and lime; in Thailand, crickets are simmered in coconut […]

5 Questions: Jason Wang

Obsessed with Entrepreneurship Jason Wang has brought renewed energy and killer business acumen to his father’s acclaimed Xi’an Famous Foods, a string of casual yet highly-regarded restaurants in NYC serving the authentic cuisine of China’s Shaanxi province. The family-run empire is a result of old world techniques (his father, David Shi, is an incredible chef who […]