The Best Cheese Curds at the Minnesota State Fair

Mouth Trap Cheese Curds All cheese curds are not created equal, trust me. My go-to at the Minnesota State Fair is Mouth Trap inside the Food Building. What makes their product so perfect? Ellsworth cheese curds, fresh from the creamery, delivered daily—a total of 65,000 pounds of curds over the course of the 12 day…  Read More

SOBEWFF: Andrew Zimmern or Baby Hippo??

Andrew Zimmern or Baby Hippo?? Madde Gibba hosts a lightning round of “Andrew Zimmern or Baby Hippo” with Anthony Bourdain, Aaron Sanchez and Michael Voltaggio at last year’s SOBEWFF. How well do you score? South Beach Wine & Food Festival is a premiere food and wine weekend raising millions for culinary scholarships and providing fans…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern’s Favorite New Foods at the State Fair

My Top 3 Favorite New Foods As you probably already know, I’m an evangelist for the classics. Despite my inherent bias, I still think it was one of the weakest years ever for new State Fair foods. There’s just too much gimmick—think deep fried red liquorice— too many unworthy things on a stick, too much…  Read More

Youth Farm: Where Leadership Grows

Growing Food, Growing Leaders, Growing Community Food and music go hand-in-hand at Cultivate, the Chipotle-sponsored touring food festival in Loring Park this Saturday (p.s. it’s FREE). There’s more than burritos to be had, with a craft beer-laden tasting hall, cooking demos from celebrity chefs like Richard Blais, Jim Christiansen, Gavin Kaysen, Erik Anderson, Jamie Malone…  Read More

7 Mouthwatering Minnesota Food Festivals

Minnesota summers may be short, but we never take a sunny day for granted. We jam-pack June-September with events celebrating the food, drink, art and music that make Minnesota an amazing place to live. You probably already know that my favorite food festival on earth is the Minnesota State Fair. But there are several other…  Read More

Go Fork Yourself: Austin Food & Wine Festival 2013 Recap

Austin Food & Wine Festival 2013 Recap Keep Austin Weird Andrew and Molly reflect on their weekend at the Austin Food & Wine Festival. They discuss their highs from the festival, their Lance Armstrong sighting, and why Andrew has an issue with Brian Malarkey. Then, Molly asks the important (five) questions to Brian Malarkey and…  Read More