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Andrew Zimmern's Brisket Nachos Recipe

Brisket Nachos with Tomatillo-Avocado Salsa Recipe

Brisket Nachos with Tomatillo-Avocado Salsa By Andrew Zimmern One of the easiest and most satisfying ways to utilize leftover brisket is to make a big platter of these insanely delicious nachos. Your friends will go crazy when you put these out on game day with a pitcher of margaritas…. be prepared to make a second…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Potato Latkes Recipe

Potato Latkes Topped with Brisket Recipe

The Best Latke Recipe By Andrew Zimmern Topped with leftover slices of brisket, these potato pancakes will blow your mind. For me, making latkes has always been a family activity. I first made these with my grandmother when I was 4 years old. I had my son squeezing potatoes for me when he was 3.…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Brisket Sandwich

Andrew Zimmern Cooks: The Ultimate Brisket Sandwich

My Ultimate Brisket Sandwich By Andrew Zimmern Building the perfect sandwich is all about finding the right balance of flavor and texture. Brisket is a fatty, rich meat, so you need to add enough acidity and sweetness to create the best bite. With homemade pickled jalapenos, a pleasantly piquant Russian dressing, sweet and sour koolickles…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern Cooks: Brisket Hash with Fried Eggs

Brisket Hash with Fried Eggs By Andrew Zimmern We all lead busy lives, so it never hurts to do a little meal prep on Sunday to make weekday meals a breeze. Braise a whole brisket over the weekend, and you can cook a hearty brisket chili on Monday and this classic hash for Tuesday’s breakfast,…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Brisket Chili Recipe

Hearty Brisket Chili Recipe

Hearty Brisket Chili By Andrew Zimmern What do you do with leftover brisket? Make one of my favorite dishes, this hearty meal in a bowl. Watch Andrew make this recipe: Like this recipe? Save it on Pinterest.  

Andrew Zimmern's Braised Brisket Recipe

Classic Braised Brisket with Fennel & Onions Recipe

Braised Brisket with Fennel & Onions By Andrew Zimmern This classic braised brisket is a riff on my grandmother’s recipe. It was one of the first dishes I helped my grandmother make and a staple at my family’s holiday table for generations. Braised in the oven with fennel and onions, it’s perfectly melting and tender.…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Brisket

Andrew Zimmern’s Brisket Week!

Join me in the kitchen for #BrisketWeek! I’m sharing my go-to brisket recipe, one of the first dishes I helped my grandmother make and a staple at my family’s holiday table for generations. Braised in the oven with fennel and onions, it’s perfectly melting and tender. I like to cook a whole brisket because the…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Hanukkah Brisket

Hanukkah Brisket

I can feed an army with this beef brisket. By Andrew Zimmern It’s that time of year. The meat freezes well when cooked and bagged with the vegetables and liquid so even a small family can make this recipe. I like a whole brisket because you want the fatty nose of the wide end to…  Read More

Michelle Berstein's Brisket

Michelle Bernstein’s Brisket

Mom’s Brisket By Michelle Bernstein Well… I added the ketchup, but the rest is basically Mom’s. I’ve been eating this all my life, and it’s never once been dry or tough. The trick is, you cook it, cool it, slice it, and then reheat it in its own gravy when it’s time to eat. For…  Read More


Braised Beef Brisket

Brisket ‘a la Guida’ By Andrew Zimmern Serve this braised beef brisket with plenty of potato pancakes and noodle kugel.

Corned Beef

Corned Beef Brisket with Bourbon & Molasses Glaze

An Irish Staple By Andrew Zimmern What’s a St. Paddy’s Day celebration without corned beef brisket? This recipe is one of my favorites, the sticky bourbon-molasses glaze gives the meat an irresistible touch of sweetness that balances out the brine. Once the beef is in the oven, bring remaining beef poaching liquid to boil, and…  Read More

My Favorite Meats, Fish and Wild Game for Grilling

My Go-to Grillables Want to up your grill game? Start with better proteins. I’ve created this list of some of my favorites– from Waygu beef and Kurobuta pork to sustainable striped bass and wild game. I’ve included some links to recipes in the post as well. You can follow them to the letter, or use…

Get Andrew’s Best 25 Recipes Digital Cookbook

From my grandmother’s split pea soup to pasta carbonara and sticky Chinese chicken wings, my FREE digital cookbook includes all of my best-loved recipes. This digital cookbook has a little bit of everything. Soups, salads and appetizers, plus game day snacks that are super-shareable, hearty weeknight meals and even a few special occasion items (hello,…

Andrew Zimmern's Gyu Don Recipe

Japanese Gyu Don

Japanese Gyu Don By Andrew Zimmern This is a simple, sweet-and-savory Japanese beef dish served over rice. Watch me make this recipe: Like this recipe? Save it on Pinterest!

Andrew Zimmern’s Rosh Hashanah Recipes

Recipes for Rosh Hashanah Rosh Hashanah is a time for reflection and repentance, but it probably doesn’t surprise you that my favorite part is the food. It’s a great excuse to sit around the dinner table with family and friends, and say a toast to the year ahead. To honor tradition, I like to cook dishes…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Recipe Matzoh Ball Soup

Andrew Zimmern’s Best Passover Recipes

Passover Recipes Here are a few of my best recipes for Passover, from the ultimate matzoh ball soup and my grandmother’s chopped chicken liver to roasted lamb and flourless chocolate desserts. (Just a warning: I don’t keep kosher in my house, so not all of these recipes are kosher friendly.)   Chopped Chicken Liver My grandmother…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Corn Pones with Cheese Sauce

Corn Pones & Chile Cheese Dip

Corn Pones & Chile Cheese Dip By Andrew Zimmern These simple fritters are basically rustic fried cornbread bites, taken to the next level when dipped into homemade cheese whiz infused with roasted chiles. For a smooth sauce, be sure to buy good cheese and grate it yourself. This is perfect chow for lazing around watching…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern’s Best Super Bowl Recipes

My Best Game Day Recipes I love the traditional nacho and chicken wing spread, alongside dishes inspired by my travels—from fried chicken summer rolls to Baltimore-style crab cakes. If you’re really ambitious, go all out and construct the ultimate Super Bowl snackadium.   Fried Chicken Summer Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce They’re commonly filled with shrimp and roast…  Read More

Big Food Truck Tip with Andrew Zimmern Series Premiere

Big Food Truck Tip Premieres Wednesday, September 19th at 10/9pm CT on Food Network I can’t wait to share my new series with you, Big Food Truck Tip, premiering on Food Network with back-to-back episodes on Wednesday, September 19th at 10/9pm CT. Join me as I travel the country in search of passionate food truck…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern Cooks: Charred Tomatillo Salsa

Charred Tomatillo Salsa By Andrew Zimmern This is one of my favorite salsas. It’s sweet, smoky, roasty, spicy, acidic and bright, with a hint of bitterness that I find addictive. Eat it with chips as an easy appetizer, on top of shrimp and green chiles, brisket nachos, or my Mexican pork burgers. Watch Andrew make…  Read More

Corned Beef

Andrew Zimmern Cooks: Glazed Corned Beef

Corned Beef with Bourbon-Molasses Glaze By Andrew Zimmern This recipe is one of my favorites, the sticky bourbon-molasses glaze gives the meat an irresistible touch of sweetness that balances out the brine. Brining your own corned beef at home is easy, all you need is the right equipment and time, about 7 to 10 days—therefore…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern’s Super Bowl Guide

My Best Super Bowl Recipes Of course I’m disappointed the Vikings won’t be winning the Vince Lombardi Trophy on their home turf, but I am thankful for an amazing season and ready to welcome the world to Minnesota for Super Bowl 52 and the best week of events in NFL history. If you didn’t score tickets…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Margaritas

Andrew Zimmern Cooks: Frozen Margaritas

Frozen Margaritas By Andrew Zimmern You can easily make these party drinks non-alcoholic, just omit the tequila and Grand Marnier and add a little extra sugar. For a winning game day combination, serve a pitcher of margaritas next to a platter of my brisket nachos… your friends will thank you. Watch Andrew make this recipe:…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Recipe for Chopped Chicken Liver

Andrew Zimmern Cooks: Chopped Chicken Liver

Chopped Chicken Liver By Andrew Zimmern If you want to cook like a baller Jewish grandmother, this chopped chicken liver is a great place to start. My Bubbe made this to-die-for dish for every holiday meal. It’s been one of my favorite recipes since I was a kid, when I would spend hours upon hours…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's recipe and tips for fried eggs

Andrew Zimmern Cooks: How to Cook the Perfect Fried Egg

Fried Eggs By Andrew Zimmern I like to hard sear my fried eggs in browned butter, because I love the wonderful crispy edges. Every cook should master this easy technique—there are so many dishes that benefit from a runny-yolk fried egg topping, like a brisket breakfast hash or my riff on pasta carbonara. Watch Andrew…  Read More

Delicious Bowls of Authentic Vietnamese Beef Pho

Pho 79 As the cold weather settles in, all I’m craving is a steaming bowl of pho with rich, flavorful beef broth. Lucky for me, the Twin Cities are a pho-lover’s paradise. And in a town chock-full of great Vietnamese restaurants, it’s difficult to name the best, so I won’t go there. What I can…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern Recipe Pickled Jalapenos

Andrew Zimmern Cooks: Pickled Jalapenos

Quick Pickled Jalapenos By Andrew Zimmern Trade in your jarred jalapeno rings for this super easy quick pickle. Trust me, they’re far superior to their store bought counterpart. I always have a stash of homemade pickled jalapenos in the fridge for use on sandwiches, nachos, scrambled eggs, chili and stew, tacos, burritos, or alongside grilled…  Read More

Pushing the Boundaries of Fine Dining

The Travail Collective When you hear 3-hour 20-course tasting menu, my guess is you are not envisioning a restaurant with giant stuffed animals in the rafters of the dining room, or one with a raucous atmosphere where the chefs are also the waiters and food runners, and often microphone-wielding MCs who encourage group participation in…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's recipe for Russian dressing

Andrew Zimmern Cooks: Russian Dressing

Russian Dressing By Andrew Zimmern Russian dressing—and yes, where I’m from, we call it Russian dressing not Thousand Island—is one of my favorite condiments. Used as a dip, sandwich spread or salad dressing, it’s piquant, balanced and delicious. I especially love it on a brisket sandwich with melted gruyere cheese. Watch Andrew make this recipe:  

Revival is One of the Top 10 Barbecue Restaurants in America

Revival St. Paul This town was a barbecue waste land, until my friends Thomas Boemer and Nick Rancone opened their second location of Revival in St. Paul and decided to add classic smoked meats to the menu, celebrating Boemer’s southern roots. The fried chicken and burger were reason enough to battle the crowds getting their southern comfort…  Read More