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Andrew Zimmern’s 10 Best Recipes for Clams

10 Quick Ways to Cook Clams at Home I’ve always loved clams. During my childhood summers, my dad and I would spend the day clamming in the bay of Long Island’s South Fork. I can eat the briny, succulent shellfish by the dozens. Whether you poach them in wine, stuff them with bacon and breadcrumbs or add…  Read More

AZ Cooks Shuck a Clam

Andrew Zimmern Cooks: How to Shuck Clams

How to Shuck Clams Clams are definitely one of my top five desert island foods. During my childhood summers, my dad and I would spend the day clamming in the bay of Long Island’s South Fork. We’d poach and steam them, add them to chowder or cioppino, or shuck them and simply enjoy on the…  Read More

AZ Cooks How to Shell a Lobster

Andrew Zimmern Cooks: How to Shell a Lobster

How to Shell a Lobster Buying a live lobster, dispatching it, cooking it properly and then extracting all of the meat can be an intimidating process. I totally get it. However, if you love lobster—or are trying to impress someone with a luxurious meal—cooking it at home is easier than you think and far more…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern Cooks: How to Make Fresh Tomato Puree

The Easiest Way to Make Fresh Tomato Puree Here’s a great tip for making fresh tomato puree, all you need is a box grater and ripe tomatoes. Make a big batch when tomatoes are at their peak and freeze for use all year long.   Ready to cook? Try one of these recipes: Mussels Fra…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Pearl Rice Balls

Chinese Recipes Made Easy for the Home Cook

Celebrate Chinese New Year With These Recipes Chinese cooking has complex, technique-driven elements, which makes it a bit daunting for the average home cook. But, practice makes perfect. Get a great cookbook, and cook a new dish twice a week. Next, make sure you have the right equipment (a good wok, a bamboo steamer) and the…  Read More

12 Delicious Japanese Recipes to Make at Home

My Favorite Japanese Recipes The foods of Japanese izakayas are among the most beloved in the world. There’s not a chef in the country who doesn’t try his or her hand at ramen, soba, egg custards, robata-style fish, sashimi, yakitori, goya and so on. Surprisingly, though, very few home cooks do. Making Japanese food at home requires having a few…  Read More


Clams & Lobster Enchilado

Almejas y Langosta Enchilado By Andrew Zimmern This Flo-ribbean-Cuban-inspired enchilado is especially delicious on a cool summer evening when the shellfish is at its peak. It’s typically served over rice, but I always serve it over rigatoni, ditali or other similarly shaped pasta to soak up all the sauce. Take note: This recipe makes a little more sauce…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Butter Poached Shrimp

18 Seductive Seafood Recipes for Valentine’s Day

My Best Seafood Recipes Because I’m on the road two-thirds of the year, I love any excuse to plan a romantic evening at home with my wife. The formula for my ideal date night? It’s simple… gorgeous flowers, a homemade meal and a good food movie. So to give you a little inspiration, I’ve compiled my best,…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's clams with orzo

Ragout of Clams with Spinach, Sausage and Orzo

A Superb Flavor Combo By Andrew Zimmern This one-dish meal has it all: rich Italian sausage (meat), briny clams (seafood), leafy greens (vegetable) and rice-like pasta (starch) to soak up the delicious juices.

Spanish-Style Baked Clams|Roasted Oysters with Fresh Cheese|Crispy Garlic Short Ribs|Porchetta Sliders with Gruyere & Caramelized Onion|Cumin-Roasted Carrots & Muhammara Toast|Senegalese Summer Rolls with Peanut Ginger Sauce|

Spanish-Style Baked Stuffed Clams

Bacony, Buttery & Briny Almejas By Andrew Zimmern This is one of my favorite clam recipes, the more Spanish version of clams casino. I think of it as the most likely progenitor of that steak house and country club classic. I never heard of this as a Spanish dish until I started reading Penelope Casas’s…  Read More

The Farmed Fish Dilemma Solved

Like so many other food professionals, I’ve been cooking since I was a little kid tugging at my grandmother’s apron strings. I learned food prep basics sitting in her teeny West End Avenue apartment kitchen on weekends as a young boy. I cooked with my mom and dad every chance I could, and I treasured…  Read More

Mussels Fra Diavolo|Caponata with Grilled Crostini|Za’atar Spiced Almonds|Pickled Shrimp with Crispy Artichokes|Fresh Ricotta with Red Chile & Honey|Fried Eggplant with Honey & Rosemary

21 Easy Holiday Appetizers

Festive Finger Foods Start the party off right this holiday season with one of these delicious appetizers, from simple and elegant seafood dishes like spicy mussels fra diavolo to throwback recipes from my childhood—salmon aspic is making a comeback, you heard it here first. Whether you’re headed to an office potluck or inviting friends over for a festive…  Read More

My Hometown: Katie Parla’s Rome

An Insider’s Guide to Rome A Rome-based Italian-American journalist, Katie Parla lives and breathes Roman culture and cuisine. Originally from New Jersey, Parla graduated from Yale with a degree in art history, before pursuing a sommelier certificate and master’s in Italian gastronomic culture. She’s written and edited more than 20 books, including the ebook Eating &…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Clams Casino

16 New Year’s Eve Hor d’Oeuvres

Appetizers for a New Year’s Eve Bash Skip the pricey pre-fixe menus and over-crowded bars, and host your own New Year’s Eve soiree. There’s no better way to ring in the new year than a spread of finger foods and a house full of friends and family. Here are a few of my favorite hor d’oeuvres, from…  Read More

5 Questions: Joe Carroll

Feeding the Fire When Joe Carroll opened Brooklyn’s Fette Sau in 2007, he was among the very first pioneers to bring legit barbecue to New York City. A couple years ago, the New Jersey-native expanded his operation to Philadelphia, adding a second Fette Sau to his roster of restaurants (which also includes the neighborhood steakhouse…  Read More

5 Questions with The Dinner Party Download

How to Win Your Next Dinner Party Maybe you’re the shy type who freaks at the idea of striking up conversation at an intimate dinner with strangers; maybe you’ve been hiking the Appalachian trail for the past few months and need a refresher course on culture and current events; or maybe you’re just a food-obsessed…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Herbed Shrimp Capellini

12 Pasta Dishes to Master

Essential Pasta Dishes to Add to Your Repertoire Everyone loves pasta. It’s quick, easy and economical. It can also be as elegant as you care to make it, and is universally beloved in every country I can think of. Here are a few tips to keep in mind next time you’re cooking pasta: Cook pasta…  Read More

Where to Eat in Lisbon

George Mendes Shares 5 Favorites in Lisbon After graduating from culinary school and working at Bouley in Tribeca, Alain Passard’s Arpege in Paris, and as chef de cuisine at NYC’s Tocqueville, George Mendes opened Aldea, a homage to his Portuguese heritage. In October, the Michelin-starred chef released his first cookbook, My Portugal, a beautiful book of…  Read More

NYC Wine & Food Festival|Wok-Tossed Crickets with Chives & Black Beans|Fu Xian-Style Crispy Salt-and-Pepper Lobster|Clams

New York City Wine & Food Festival

My Demo Recipes from NYCWFF 2013 I’m honored to take part in this year’s New York City Wine & Food Festival. You can find me at Jets + Chefs: The Ultimate Tailgate where chefs and former New York Jets players will be passing out samples and demonstrating amped-up game day cuisine. On Sunday, I’ll be…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Cioppino recipe

Cioppino with Mussels

Italian-American Fish Stew By Andrew Zimmern This version of cioppino, a classic Italian-American fish stew, is packed with incredible tomato flavor and lots of succulent seafood.

5 Questions: Hank Shaw

Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook Hank Shaw’s James Beard award-winning blog, Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, documents his adventures hunting, gathering and cooking with editorials and recipes that expound his admirable, back-to-nature philosophy – we need to take ownership of the food we eat by buying, hunting, foraging and consuming honest ingredients. The former line cook and…  Read More

Lidia’s Vermicelli with Red Clam Sauce

Vermicelli con le Vongole Salsa Rossa By Lidia Bastianich Pasta with clam sauce is my grandchildren’s favorite, and I get no greater enjoyment than watching them slurp down the pasta with the juicy clam sauce. Vermicelli, a type of very thin spaghetti, cooks as quickly as the clams do, so have your ingredients ready and…  Read More

5 Questions: Adam Roberts

Amateur Schmamateur Adam Roberts took a big risk when he quit law school to start an amateur food blog in 2004. As it turns out, he’s pretty good at it. Seamlessly weaving recipes and photographs with personal narratives and humor, Adam transformed his a hobby into a full-fledged career (jealous?). For his new cookbook, Secrets of…  Read More

5 Questions: Adam Roberts

Amateur Schmamateur Adam Roberts took a big risk when he quit law school to start an amateur food blog in 2004. As it turns out, he’s pretty good at it. Seamlessly weaving recipes and photographs with personal narratives and humor, Adam transformed his a hobby into a full-fledged career (jealous?). For his new cookbook, Secrets of…  Read More