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Andrew Zimmern’s Favorite New Foods at the State Fair

St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Andrew Zimmern’s Favorite New Foods at the State Fair

My Top 3 Favorite New Foods

As you probably already know, I’m an evangelist for the classics. Despite my inherent bias, I still think it was one of the weakest years ever for new State Fair foods. There’s just too much gimmick—think deep fried red liquorice— too many unworthy things on a stick, too much powdered sugar. With that said, there were three new items that I’d happily eat again.


Hamline Dining Hall meatballs

Harkening back to a different era, the Hamline Dining Hall holds a special place in my heart. Their new meatballs are comforting, delicious and chock full of our state’s quintessential ingredients—it doesn’t get more Minnesotan than Swedish-style meatballs with cranberries and wild rice, covered in Lingonberry sauce. Take the time to have a sit down meal served by Minnesota grandmas.


Minnesota State Fair Fluffer Nutter

My second favorite thing, I’m almost embarrassed to say, was the bacon fluffer nutter—a grilled cinnamon bun sandwich with a bacon, peanut butter and marshmallow cream filling. It was actually really, really good.


MN State Fair Sonoran Sausage

The best thing I ate was the Sonoran sausage from the Sausage Sisters & Me. I’m a sucker for big flavors.  It’s a cheese-stuffed sausage that’s wrapped in bacon and nestled in a cornmeal-dusted bun that’s topped with jalapenos, fresh corn salsa and a squeeze of lime. I love meaty, fatty, porkiness, so this was a home run for me… pure Sonoran sausage awesomeness.


What was the best new food you tried?



Photographs courtesy of the Minnesota State Fair








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