5 Questions: Kevin Bachhuber

The Country’s First Edible Insect Farm Kevin Bachhuber founded Big Cricket Farms in Youngstown, Ohio in 2014 in response to growing water shortages, the rising costs of protein production and a simple love of eating insects inspired by a trip to Thailand. Big Cricket Farms is the first government certified food grade insect farm in this…  Read More


Dim Sum-Style Ingenuity Atlanta-native Kevin Gillespie, who you may recognize as the lovable bearded chef who killed it on Top Chef season 6, opened his flagship restaurant Gunshow in May 2013. At this sparsely decorated Glenwood Park eatery, diners don’t order off a menu, but rather from chefs who roll their dishes through the dining…  Read More


Contemporary Comfort Food Chef Kevin Willmann’s adventurous take on comfort food, combined with his locavore philosophy, make Farmhaus one of the St. Louis’ top dining destinations. The Illinois-born chef spent his formative cooking years in the Florida panhandle, and his ever-changing menu marries his Midwestern roots and Southern cooking influences. Think roast turkey with chive spaetzle,…  Read More