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10 Desserts for Thanksgiving

From classic pumpkin pie and gooey pecan tart to a ridiculously easy cranberry cake, here are 10 delicious desserts to round out your holiday feast.


Cranberry Cake

Easy Cranberry Cake

This simple cranberry cake is a perfect addition to your holiday dessert spread. Not too sweet and packed with fresh cranberries, it’s as beautiful and festive as it is easy to make. Get the recipe >>>



Pumpkin hand pies

Pumpkin Hand Pies

The perfect autumnal pumpkin hand pie, featuring a filling that we all want to see more of, and delivered to you in easy to eat portions that can be frozen before frying so you always have them on hand. Oh, and yes, they are ridiculously delicious. Get the recipe >>>



Pecan Tart

Pecan Tart

Gooey, sweet pecan filling nested in a buttery crust. The perfect end to a Thanksgiving dinner. Serve with rum raisin ice cream. Get the recipe >>>



Caramel Pear Galette

Caramel Pear Galette

This free-form pear galette makes a regular appearance at my dinner parties. Rich from the caramel and spices, and sweet with ripe pears, it’s my idea of a cool weather dessert. Bonus: you don’t have to worry about perfectly crimping the edge of your pie crust. Get the recipe >>>



Apple Crumb Cake

Apple Crumb Cake

Chock-full of apples, this crumb cake is super moist, fruit-forward and really easy to make. I’ll put streusel on anything—I’m obsessed—but it tastes especially great on this cake. And don’t worry if you have leftovers, this cake is equally good with coffee for breakfast. Get the recipe >>>



Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie

This killer pumpkin pie is as important to me as a stuffed turkey with pan gravy, and without it my Thanksgiving is not complete. I hope you feel the same way after you make and eat it with your family. Get the recipe >>>



Pear Tarte Tatin

Pear Tarte Tatin with Anise Seed Caramel

If you have trepidations about pie crust, let this tarte tatin ease your mind. No matter what you do, however it slumps and curves, and whatever bubbles up, the dessert is always beautiful. Rustic and lovely. Get the recipe >>>



Huguenot Torte

Huguenot Torte with Cherries

Fallen desserts resemble a hot mess when they are served, but you will want to make this for your family again and again. It proves that visual perfection isn’t a prerequisite for eating pleasure. Get the recipe >>>



Almond Orange Cake

Almond & Orange Cake with Poached Plum Compote

I first came across this dish while traveling with my father in the mid-1970s in Spain, where we saw this cake on almost every dessert table. I promptly started playing with it and tweaking it and adjusting it, and I eventually got it to where it was workable for a dessert hack like me. Get the recipe >>>



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