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|Cold Cucumber Soup with Yogurt and Dill

Cold Cucumber Soup with Yogurt & Dill

Cool Down By Andrew Zimmern In the heat of the summer, turning on the stove isn’t always ideal — and the thought of hot food isn’t always appealing. Cold soup to the rescue! Gazpacho might be the most widely recognized chilled soup, but we’re here to tell you there’s a whole world of cold soup options ready…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Cold Cucumber Soup|Andrew Zimmern's Recipe for Cold Cucumber Soup|Andrew Zimmern's Cold Cucumber Soup

Andrew Zimmern’s Cold Cucumber Soup Recipe

Cold Cucumber Soup with Yogurt & Dill By Andrew Zimmern This is a really simple Turkish cucumber and yogurt soup that only takes a few minutes to make. The technique couldn’t be easier, you’re basically blending a salad into a refreshing cold soup. I keep jars of this stuff in the fridge all summer long, it’s the…  Read More

Cucumber-Kimchi|Cucumber Mint Lemonade||

Andrew Zimmern’s Favorite Ways to Use Summer Cucumbers

I am obsessed with cucumbers. I juice them, eat them raw, salted, pickled, fermented, sliced in salad and pressed into lemonade. I core cucumbers, stuff with a Chinese pork forcemeat and steam them. I even wok sear them for 10 seconds, refrigerate them and then serve ice cold with hot chili sesame oil and ginger.…  Read More


Easy Thai-Style Cucumber Salad

Refreshing Cucumber Salad with Peanuts & Cilantro By Andrew Zimmern This classic, sweet-and-sour Thai-style cucumber salad is the perfect warm-weather side dish.

SOBE Kidz Kitchen

Kidz Kitchen Demo: Cold Soups on a Hot Day

Cold Soups on a Hot Day For my Kidz Kitchen demo at this year’s SOBEWFF, I’m cooking a few of my favorite cold soup recipes, vichyssoise and a cucumber, yogurt and dill soup. Perfect for a hot Miami day!   Vichyssoise What can I say, I love chilled soups in the summer and always have…  Read More


Classic Vichyssoise

Chilled Potato & Leek Soup By Andrew Zimmern What can I say, I love chilled soups in the summer and always have a pitcher of gazpacho or vichyssoise on hand for snacking. This recipe is a classic, smooth-and-creamy potato-leek soup that works well as an appetizer or main course on a hot summer night.

Labor Day Recipes

Savor the Last Days of Summer This end-of-August heat wave has me digging through the archives for refreshing, light recipes for my Labor Day get-together. Here are a few ideas for appetizers and sides that’ll cool you down, from citrusy tomatillo salsa and pistachio-studded guacamole to tuna and cherry ceviche. If you’re looking for an…  Read More

Fourth of July Recipes

Summertime Recipe Round-up The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. There’s no better way to celebrate America’s independence (and my birthday) than sitting around with the family, swimming, grilling up my favorite meat, noshing on fresh summer eats and indulging my inner pyro. Here are a few of my top picks, from…  Read More

Pea-and-Parsnip Vichyssoise with Tarragon

Refreshing & Easy to Make While the weather’s warm, I make gazpacho every week and keep it in the fridge, and love pureeing cucumber, dill, yogurt, hot chile, lemon juice and celery into a classic Turkish summer soup. But vichyssoise has the sexiest story. In 1950, Louis Diat, the great chef at New York City’s Ritz-Carlton…  Read More