Beet & Ricotta Doughnuts from The Doughnut Project

The Best Thing I Ate Last Week By Andrew Zimmern When I was about to start recording The Moment podcast with my friend Brian Koppelman last week, he whipped out a box of The Doughnut Project doughnuts for me to try. TDP is a new shop in NYC, and the beet and ricotta donuts are insane, as…  Read More

5 Questions with The Dinner Party Download

How to Win Your Next Dinner Party Maybe you’re the shy type who freaks at the idea of striking up conversation at an intimate dinner with strangers; maybe you’ve been hiking the Appalachian trail for the past few months and need a refresher course on culture and current events; or maybe you’re just a food-obsessed…  Read More

Go Fork Yourself: Positivity

Positivity Hopeful Future From unnecessary lawsuits to Indiana’s “Religious Freedom” law, Andrew and Molly discuss the need for positivity and healing in how we interact with each other. Plus, Andrew and Molly share some of their favorite contemporary cookbooks. Read: What Indiana’s Shifting ‘Religious Freedom’ Law Really Means for LGBT Diners (Eater) This episode is sponsored by:…  Read More

Go Fork Yourself: Molly’s Honeymoon

Molly’s Honeymoon Down Under Molly returns from her honeymoon with travel tips and tricks for visiting Austrailia and New Zealand. Andrew adds in his favorite places down under. Plus, Andrew shares his opinion of a controversial restaurant review. Read: 12 Things You Should Probably Know Before Going to New Zealand (Hey Eleanor!) Read: Review: Spoon & Stable…  Read More