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AZ Cooks

AZ Cooks Top 10 Most Popular Recipes

In my video series, AZ Cooks, I’m sharing cooking techniques and recipes inspired by my childhood, travels and experiences in the professional kitchen, all in the pursuit of culinary literacy. Thanks for tuning in, your support and feedback have made this venture a success! From classics like key lime pie and meatloaf to wok-tossed crickets and…  Read More

How to Make Whipped Cream

Make Whipped Cream from Scratch, It’s Easy Canned whipped cream doesn’t even compare to freshly whipped cream. It’s so easy to make, and in my opinion, the best way to top off my favorite dessert—key lime pie. Really, the only mistake you can make is over beating it and turning your cream into butter. When making whipped cream, it’s…  Read More


9 Sweet and Savory Pies to Make on Pi Day

9 Ways to Celebrate Pi(e) Pi Day is 3/14, and while this made-up holiday has nothing in common with our favorite dessert, we have no problem dedicating a whole day to baking and eating pie. Here are nine sweet and savory ways to indulge.   Lattice-Top Blueberry Pie As far as pie fillings go, this one…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Key Lime Curd

Key Lime Curd

Tart & Sweet Key Lime Curd By Andrew Zimmern Key limes are much smaller than conventional Persian limes with a smoother skin, lighter color, higher acidity, and a distinctive tart, bitter and floral flavor punch that makes this citrus fruit perfect for cooking and eating. Try them spritzed on seafood or poultry, used for limeade…  Read More

Family Meal Nashville|

Recipes Inspired by Bizarre Foods

Starting with episode one, Bizarre Foods has been all about increasing our capacity for patience, tolerance and understanding by studying food in other cultures. That’s why we put a family meal in every single show we make because all of us can relate to sitting down to a meal with our family members. We can relate, even if…  Read More

Fresh Easter Ham|Quiche Lorraine|Drop Biscuit Scones with Apricots & Cranberries|The Perfect Deviled Eggs|Fresh Ham with Madeira-Cider Glaze|Leek Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette & Egg|The Best Key Lime Pie|Frittata Rustica with Mixed Vegetables & Manchego|Spring Vegetable Barigoule

18 Recipes for Easter

Easter Menu Inspiration Easter is just around the corner, so I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite recipes for the spring holiday. Need to feed a crowd of hungry relatives? Try the fresh ham with Madeira-cider glaze or the wine-braised lamb shoulder—both make for lovely centerpiece roasts. Or stick with a few French classics…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Coconut Custard Pie|Deep-Dish Peach Streusel Pie with Ginger

6 Pies to Make for Pi Day

But who cares! All we’re concerned with is that Pi Day is March 14 (get it? 3/14) and that means we’re all about pie—the kind you eat, not the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Here are some of my favorite pie recipes to help satiate you’re craving. Happy Pi Day! • Banana…  Read More