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In my video series, AZ Cooks, I’m sharing cooking techniques and recipes inspired by my childhood, travels and experiences in the professional kitchen, all in the pursuit of culinary literacy. Thanks for tuning in, your support and feedback have made this venture a success! From classics like key lime pie and meatloaf to wok-tossed crickets and summer rolls, here are my top 10 most popular recipes.

10. Chopped Chicken Liver

If you want to cook like a baller Jewish grandmother, this chopped chicken liver is a great place to start. My Bubbe made this to-die-for dish for every holiday meal. Get the recipe >>>


9. Grilled Rack of Lamb with Eggplant Salad

Grilling a rack of lamb may seem daunting, but it couldn’t be easier. In this recipe, I season the lamb with za’atar, a Middle Eastern spice that pairs well with the eggplant, tomato and feta salad. Get the recipe >>>


8. Roasted Pork Belly 101

Achieving a meltingly tender piece of pork crowned with crispy skin requires a multi-day process, but don’t let that scare you, it’s a simple technique. Get the recipe >>>


7. Grilled Octopus with Frisee Salad

Once you’ve cooked the octopus, throw it on a hot grill to get a smoky char and serve it with a simple frisee salad topped with candied bacon. Get the recipe >>>


6. Key Lime Pie

The ratios are spot on and the custard turns out perfectly every time.  Get the recipe >>>


5. Griddled Onion Burger

Last year I visited Sid’s Diner, an American classic in El Reno, Oklahoma famous for onion burgers, while filming Bizarre Foods. Here’s my version >>>


4. Hainanese Chicken Rice

This ginger-scented, perfectly poached chicken served with fatty, unctuous rice has developed a cult following. The technique is very easy, yet the flavors are incredibly complex. Get the recipe >>>


3. Wok Tossed Crickets in Black Bean Sauce

Tossing the crickets in a hot wok with Chinese fermented black beans is the best way to cook and eat the nutty, crunchy bugs. Get the recipe >>>


2. Meatloaf

This is a hearty meatloaf of beef, pork and veal studded with flavorful vegetables. Get the recipe >>>


1. Fried Chicken Summer Rolls

Summer rolls are commonly filled with shrimp and roast pork, which I love, but more often than not, I’m craving these fried chicken summer rolls. Get the recipe >>>



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