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Griddled Onion Burgers

By Andrew Zimmern

The first griddled onion burger I tried was made by chef Michael Symon on the set of The Chew—and it was a life changing experience. Last year I visited Sid’s Diner, an American classic in El Reno, Oklahoma famous for onion burgers, while filming Bizarre Foods. Equally delicious but different in technique, I took these two mind-blowing burgers and made my own hybridized version, and I know you’re going to love it. I like mine plain or with a slice of tomato and a little mustard, but feel free to customize as you’d like. This recipe is for two burgers, so multiply as you see fit.

Watch Andrew make this recipe:

Griddled Onion Burgers

Servings: 2


  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • 2 buns
  • 1 onion, cut in half and thinly sliced
  • Salt
  • 2/3 pound ground beef
  • Tomato, cheese, lettuce or additional toppings of choice


In a cast iron skillet over medium heat, melt two tablespoons of butter and griddle toast the buns. Reserve to a plate.

Add the rest of the butter to the skillet, add the onions and season with salt. Cook until slightly caramelized, about five minutes.

Form the ground beef into two patties, trying not to overwork the meat. Season each patty liberally with salt. Push the onions into two equal piles in the pan and lay the burgers directly on top of the onions, squishing the meat down with a spatula. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes, then flip. If you want to add cheese, now would be the time. Cook for another couple minutes, then place the burgers on top of your griddled buns. Sprinkle with salt, add additional toppings and serve.

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