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Soup Recipes from Across the Globe

I love the convenience, simplicity and versatility of a one-pot meal. Need to use up last week’s vegetables? Make soup. Coming down with a cold? Matzoh ball soup cures everything. Feeding a crowd? Whip up a big pot of chili. There’s a soup for every occasion in every culture across the globe. It’s universally beloved. While I crave potato soup as much as the next guy, I urge you to get out of your comfort zone and try one of these recipes inspired by my travels, from Brazilian seafood stew to Tuscan tomato and bread soup. Don’t forget that stock is an essential building block for soup—check out my tips and recipe for all-purpose homemade chicken stock.


Carrot Soup

Cream of Carrot Soup with Ginger & Curry

Carrots and curry were made for each other. Get the recipe >>>



Thai Hot & Sour Soup

Thai Hot-and-Sour Coconut Chicken Soup

Everyone thinks this popular Thai dish must be very tough to make at home, but it couldn’t be easier. Get the recipe >>>



Braised Striped Bass with Andouille Sausage

Portuguese-Style Braised Striped Bass

A firm white fish, striped bass holds up well in this rich, flavorful tomato-based sauce chock full of andouille and fragrant herbs. Get the recipe >>>




Brazilian Fish, Shrimp & Mussel Stew

Brazilian seafood stews of this type will blow your mind. Every time I cook this dish for friends and family, the reaction is the same: amazement. Get the recipe >>>


Hot & Sour Soup

Hot & Sour Soup

An authentic recipe for hot and sour soup from China’s Sichuan province.  Get the recipe >>>


Italian Wedding Soup

Italian Wedding Soup with Orzo & Meatballs

While there are endless variations to this recipe, I prefer to make my meatballs with ground dark meat chicken, Italian sausage and Pecorino Romano for an extra flavor boost. Get the recipe >>>



Soba Noodles

Soba Noodles with Shrimp Tempura

Japanese noodle dishes, especially soba noodles, are one of my favorite treats. Get the recipe >>>


African Sweet Potato Soup

African Sweet Potato & Peanut Soup

The sweet potato in this Ethiopian soup is like the grand marshal of the parade, pulling all those spices and veggies into cohesion. Get the recipe >>>



Beef, Beet & Cabbage Borscht

This was all I ever wanted to eat growing up, and I still crave it more than I care to admit. Get the recipe >>>



French Onion Soup

The Best French Onion Soup

In 1992, I started work at a French bistro in Minneapolis that for the longest time served the best onion soup I ever tasted. Here is that recipe >>>



Pappa al Pomodoro

Tuscan Roasted Tomato & Bread Soup

Looking for a way to use up leftover bread? This time of year, pappa al pomodoro is the best answer. Get the recipe >>>



Jacques Pepin's Chicken Jardiniere

Chicken Jardiniere

This classic French country stew is easy to put together, and it gets better every time you reheat it. Get the recipe >>>

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