• 6 Ways to Use Spring Asparagus


How to Buy & Store Asparagus

  • Look for tight tips and small leaves on the side of the stalk that cling to its body.
  • The cut end should be moist, not frayed, browned or dry.
  • Spears should be smooth, not wrinkled.
  • Storing asparagus is simple: keep them standing in a few inches of water in the refrigerator, tented with a zip-loc bag. Cold temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees in a moist environment will limit respiration and water loss.

How to Steam, Roast & Sauté

  • Snap the spears to find the natural break point; use the stem end pieces for soups or sauces and steam the upper portions of the stalks in salted water.
  • Steaming makes for tastier tips. The asparagus tips are done cooking when the cut end of the spear is softened.
  • Roasting or wok sautéing are my favorite techniques for dealing with asparagus. The very nature of dry-heat cooking makes for a greater natural flavor concentration and higher vitamin retention. The caramelizing that takes place in either technique yields a heightened level of contrast with the sweet moist interiors of the spears.

Asparagus Recipes to Try


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