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Andrew Zimmern's Wine-Braised Rabbit

Wine-Braised Rabbit with Chimichurri

One of My Favorite Argentinian Dishes Braise the rabbit in red wine until it falls off the bone, then grill it for an amazing smoky flavor.

Almond Orange Cake

Andrew Zimmern Cooks: Tips for Cooking with Red Wine

Tips for Cooking with Red Wine Rule of thumb: When you’re cooking with wine, always use a wine you’d be proud to serve your guests, because as you reduce it, you magnify the good and the bad flavors. My favorite red wines to cook with are Rhone wines from Guigal.   Ready to cook? Here…  Read More


Grilled Flank Steak with Chimichurri

Grilled Flank Steak with Chimichurri By Andrew Zimmern This recipe marries Caribbean and South American flavors in an easy, crowd-pleasing steak dinner. The meat is marinated overnight in a flavorful concoction of allspice, habaneros, orange and lime, then quickly grilled and served with a versatile, bright chimichurri. An herby condiment of parsley, mint, chiles, garlic, oil…  Read More

Wine-braised rabbit|

Essential Tips for Braising

4 Rules for Better Braising Everyone loves to braise, and the mythology indicates that it’s easy, but it’s not—it’s simple (and there is a difference). But for everyone who thinks that braising is forgiving, I would remind you of the last dried-out pot roast you’ve eaten. Here are some handy tips for braising. Brown well.…  Read More