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Almond Orange Cake

Andrew Zimmern Cooks: Tips for Cooking with Red Wine

Tips for Cooking with Red Wine Rule of thumb: When you’re cooking with wine, always use a wine you’d be proud to serve your guests, because as you reduce it, you magnify the good and the bad flavors. My favorite red wines to cook with are Rhone wines from Guigal.   Ready to cook? Here…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Roast Duck

Andrew Zimmern Cooks: Bohemian Roasted Duck with Caraway

Roasted Duck with Caraway & Orange By Andrew Zimmern When I was growing up in NYC in the ’60s, my dad would take me out every week for roast duck at the amazing Czech and Eastern European restaurants that helped define our neighborhood for generations. We always ordered the Bohemian duck, which is simply roasted…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Sous Vide Duck

Sous Vide Crisped Duck with Juniper Berries & Port

Sous Vide Duck Breast with Port, Oranges & Juniper Berries By Andrew Zimmern Sous vide cookery is safe, convenient and easy. Cooking inside of a sealed container allows you to lock in flavors, juices and fats unlike any other technique. It’s a foolproof method of cooking your favorite foods with precise temperature control. It’s also…  Read More

Red Wine Braised Duck Legs|||

Beaujolais Nouveau Braised Duck Legs

Red Wine-Braised Duck By Andrew Zimmern My friend Vincent Francoual made this duck dish for me years ago in his kitchen. I adapted and changed it a bit, but he reminded me of how simple it is to make a great duck dish with the humble leg. Reminiscent of a coq au vin, this rich,…  Read More

Braised Duck Legs

Apple Cider-Braised Duck Legs

A Better Way to Incorporate Apples & Honey for the New Year By Andrew Zimmern Rosh Hashanah means one thing in my house, sweet apples and honey for a new year. Here I put it through a different prism so that those important ingredients could be used to accent duck in a main course that I can…  Read More

Rack of Pork Loin

10 Impressive Main Dishes for the Holidays

Holiday Menu Inspiration The best part of the holiday season is the time spent in the kitchen cooking special meals for family and friends. Here, I’ve gathered a few of my favorite recipes for main courses that are sure to impress, from a centerpiece roast to indulgent beef stroganoff. Feeding a crowd? Try the ham…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Coq au Vin

Andrew Zimmern Cooks: Coq Au Vin

Coq Au Vin By Andrew Zimmern A traditional French stew, coq au vin is a rich red wine-braised chicken dish that’s easy enough for a weeknight meal, yet elegant and impressive for a dinner party or holiday meal. This recipe is so good I would serve it to chef Daniel Boulud without flinching. I often…  Read More

Paris Bistro Favorites

A Few Paris Gems By Bob & Sue In addition to our favorite Michelin 3- and 2-star restaurants (L’Astrance, Le Cinq, L’Ambroisie, Pierre Gagnaire, Jean Francoise Piege, and L’Atelier Robuchon), we enjoyed some exciting meals in smaller venues and bistros:   Chez Georges This old fashioned bistro delivers classic dishes as well as anyone in…  Read More

Pot Roast

Andrew Zimmern’s Chrismukkah Guide

How to Win Chrismukkah This Year No matter what holiday you celebrate, I’m sure we can all agree that food is what ties the season together. At my house, the kitchen smells of fabulous food from Hanukkah to New Years, whether it’s roasted duck or fruit cake. It’s the best time of the year. I’ve made…  Read More

Wine-braised rabbit|

Essential Tips for Braising

4 Rules for Better Braising Everyone loves to braise, and the mythology indicates that it’s easy, but it’s not—it’s simple (and there is a difference). But for everyone who thinks that braising is forgiving, I would remind you of the last dried-out pot roast you’ve eaten. Here are some handy tips for braising. Brown well.…  Read More