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Andrew Zimmern's Shellfish Stock

Andrew Zimmern Cooks: Shellfish Stock

Homemade¬†Shellfish Stock By Andrew Zimmern Always, always, always save your leftover shells and bones in bags in your freezer to make rich, homemade stocks and broths. It’s an ingredient that is guaranteed to take your cooking to the next level. Today, I’m making a shellfish stock with leftover lobster and shrimp shells for my shrimp…  Read More

Morimoto's Japanese-style Chicken & Dumpling Soup

Morimoto’s Japanese-Style Chicken and Dumpling Soup

Quintessential Grandmother Cooking at its Best By Masaharu Morimoto This is the Japanese equivalent of Jewish penicillin, also known as chicken noodle soup. Instead of chicken broth, we use smoky dashi, and instead of noodles, we make cool, craggy gnocchi-like dumplings out of just flour and water. Every family throughout the countryside has its own…  Read More