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Red Wine Braised Duck Legs|||

Beaujolais Nouveau Braised Duck Legs

Red Wine-Braised Duck By Andrew Zimmern My friend Vincent Francoual made this duck dish for me years ago in his kitchen. I adapted and changed it a bit, but he reminded me of how simple it is to make a great duck dish with the humble leg. Reminiscent of a coq au vin, this rich,…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Roasted Duck with Caraway

Bohemian Roasted Duck with Caraway

Czech-Style Roasted Duck By Andrew Zimmern Serve this roasted duck with braised red cabbage and sliced potatoes sautéed crisp in some reserved duck fat for the authentic Czech experience.

Braised Duck Legs

Apple Cider-Braised Duck Legs

A Better Way to Incorporate Apples & Honey for the New Year By Andrew Zimmern Rosh Hashanah means one thing in my house, sweet apples and honey for a new year. Here I put it through a different prism so that those important ingredients could be used to accent duck in a main course that I can…  Read More

duck a l' orange

Duck à l’Orange

Stellar Spiced Orange Duck By Andrew Zimmern When I was growing up in NYC in the ’60s, my dad would take me out every week for roast duck at any of the half dozen amazing Czech and Eastern European restaurants that helped define the Yorkville neighborhood of Manhattan for generations. Those days are gone: The…  Read More

Citrus||Pomelo Sorbet|Tangerine Negroni|Citrus Salad with Avocado & Feta|Red Snapper & Citrus Escabeche|Grapefruit paloma|Cobra Kai|

Our Favorite Recipes for Winter Citrus

12 Ways to Use Citrus this Winter It has always struck me as ironic, but perhaps fittingly, that citrus fruit is at its peak in the midst of our winter. This time of year, you can find an amazing selection of citrus in the grocery store—grapefruits ranging from red to white (including the sweet oro blanco, one…  Read More