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6 Ways to Use Spring Asparagus

How to Buy & Store Asparagus Look for tight tips and small leaves on the side of the stalk that cling to its body. The cut end should be moist, not frayed, browned or dry. Spears should be smooth, not wrinkled. Storing asparagus is simple: keep them standing in a few inches of water in…  Read More

Spring Produce|Pea Soup|Artichoke

12 Ways to Celebrate Spring Produce

My Best Recipes for Spring Produce I love hearty meals in a bowl as much as the next guy, but it’s time to swap out beef stew and chili for recipes highlighting fresh spring produce. Here in the upper Midwest, we love anything that comes out of the ground as early asparagus, morels, ramps and rhubarb. And…  Read More


My Guide to Cooking Vegetables

Tips & Tricks for Tastier Vegetables Working with vegetables seems easy, it’s not. What it is, though, is simple. Keep a few things in mind and dishes like my vegetable barigoule become easier and tastier. • • • Add layers of flavors and texture when cooking vegetables. Peas are delicious. Why not smear a large bowl…  Read More

Eat, Drink & Party in Madison, Wisconsin

Madtown Recommendations By Molly Mogren Wisconsin’s capital city is also its biggest college town. While Badgers are known to party hard, this hippy-dippy town also offers up amazing ethnic restaurants, classic German bars and locally-driven fine dining. Without further ado… The Classics Tornado Steak House An old-school steak house serving up classic cuts (T-bones, ribeyes…  Read More

5 Questions: Daniel Rose

Redefining Haute Cuisine in Paris Chicago-born chef Daniel Rose has made a big impression on Paris’ dining scene with his insanely popular restaurant Spring. Considered part of the bistronomy movement in Paris – where chefs have ditched the Michelin institution, ornate decor and 5-dollar-sign prices for bistros with high-quality food that won’t break the bank…  Read More