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Traditional Fish and Chips

Pub-Style Fish & Chips By Andrew Zimmern This simple comfort food classic always hits the spot. Serve with my homemade tartar sauce, plenty of lemon wedges and malt vinegar.

An Authentic Fish & Chipper in Northeast

The Anchor Fish & Chips Well before the influx of destination breweries and galleries re-energized Minneapolis’ artsy Northeast neighborhood, The Anchor Fish & Chips was battering Alaskan cod and frying hand cut chips for the locals. The narrow restaurant with tin ceilings and deep red walls lined with cozy booths has a real deal fish…  Read More

Fried whitefish with coleslaw

Fried Whitefish with Classic Coleslaw

Lake Superior Shore Lunch By Andrew Zimmern Shore lunches and fish fries are classic Midwestern fare. Staying true to this recipe’s roots, I use Ritz Cracker bread crumbs to coat fresh filets of whitefish from the Great Lakes. Be sure to serve alongside my homemade tartar sauce and a heaping pile of classic coleslaw inspired by…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern’s Guide to Deep-Frying

Deep Fry Like a Pro The word ‘fried’ is one of the most maligned terms in the kitchen. There’s no denying that fried foods aren’t the healthiest thing you can put in your mouth. But let’s face it, we’re pleasure seekers at heart and a little fried food every now and again is soul satisfying.…  Read More

French-Fries|French Fries||Burger ebook

How to Make the World’s Best French Fries

The Most Perfect French Fry Recipe By Andrew Zimmern The formula for perfect, crispy french fries with a soft, fluffy interior is easy—fry them once at a low temperature, and a second time at a higher temp until golden brown.

Smoked-Turkey-Legs|Chocolate Chip Cookies

Classic State Fair Dishes To Make at Home

You don’t have to battle the throngs of fairgoers to indulge in french fries and turkey legs. It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with the State Fair. I mean, 12 days of munching on the ultimate comfort foods—foot longs, turkey legs, french fries, pie—what’s not to love? Here are 10 crowd-pleasing, State Fair-inspired recipes to make at home any…  Read More

All the Food Worth Trying at the Minnesota State Fair

We tasted new food at the Minnesota State Fair – here’s our take. By Staff Tasked with sampling a slew of new foods at the State Fair, we skipped breakfast and headed out early Thursday morning with empty stomachs and open minds. There were pleasant surprises (maple bacon shaved ice!), a few safe bets (anything with…  Read More

Corned Beef

9 Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

My Favorite Irish-Inspired Recipes To some, St. Patrick’s Day is an excuse to drag out a kelly green outfit, stand on the sidelines of an Irish-themed parade, and drink Guinness and whiskey all day. But naturally, for me, it’s all about the food. Here are 9 Irish-inspired recipes to help you celebrate the holiday, from…  Read More

Morning, Noon & Night in Reykjavík

Where to Eat in Iceland’s Capitol By Devan Grimsrud Reykjavík is many things. It’s a port city, the capital and largest city in Iceland, and the northernmost capital in the world with a latitude of 64°08′ N (I would know as my only memento from the touristy gift shop was a magnet stating this very…  Read More

Taste Atlas: Dublin

Devour Dublin Few modern European cities can match Dublin’s mix of rough spirit and hip energy. Rife with old-school pubs and scratchy-voiced musicians, there has been a recent influx of young entrepreneurial-types who have been fostering a place where creativity and contemporary ideas can flourish. With this unique meshing of history and modernity, there is…  Read More

Where to Eat in the Faroe Islands

Recommendations for the Far Flung Faroe Islands Halfway between Iceland and Norway in the heart of the North Atlantic, the Faroe Islands have famously been described as ‘the windy edge of nowhere.’ The 50,000 Faroese who live among the 18 islands are proud descendants of a Viking culture that landed here 1,200 years ago. Centuries…  Read More

Fried Walleye

Fried Walleye with Homemade Tartar Sauce

Classic Fish Fry By Andrew Zimmern This traditional fried walleye would fit right in at a Friday fish fry in your neighborhood church basement. Especially popular around the Great Lakes, walleye is a fantastic freshwater fish with tender, flaky white meat that holds up to a crispy coating. Serve family style with the creamy tartar…  Read More