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Vietnamese Spicy Tuna Salad

A Vibrant Raw-Fish Salad I first tasted this dish on the island of Cat Hai, off the Vietnamese coast. My crew and I fell into a small restaurant that was really the front porch of a family home. They walked us out back to their “kitchen,” pointed at a few raw ingredients and looked at me.…  Read More

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12 Kickass Salads

Get Inspired by Summertime Produce Here in Minnesota we need to take advantage of the short growing season, and salads are the perfect way to savor summer’s bountiful harvest. Who doesn’t love fresh leafy greens and flavorful vegetables tossed in a zesty dressing on a warm summer evening? From meal-in-a-bowl bistro salads to my favorite…  Read More

Fourth of July Recipes

Summertime Recipe Round-up The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. There’s no better way to celebrate America’s independence (and my birthday) than sitting around with the family, swimming, grilling up my favorite meat, noshing on fresh summer eats and indulging my inner pyro. Here are a few of my top picks, from…  Read More

Steak au Poivre

6 Romantic Valentine’s Day Menus

Impressive Valentine’s Day Recipes A love of good food is universal, it’s what connects us all… trust me, I’ve spent a lifetime trying to prove this very point. So this Valentine’s Day, skip the dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant and practice the art of seduction from the comforts of your own kitchen. Here are…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Vietnamese Summer Rolls

Fresh Vietnamese-Style Summer Rolls with Shrimp

Vietnamese Shrimp Summer Rolls By Andrew Zimmern Packed with herbs, vegetables and shrimp, nothing beats a fresh Vietnamese-style summer roll. Make them for a healthy snack, fill up on them for dinner, or add the spring rolls to your deep-fried, cheese-laden line up for a refreshing appetizer on game day. I use a classic combination of rice…  Read More

Vietnamese Oyster Pancake

Vietnamese Oyster Pancake with Nuoc Cham

Insanely Addictive Weeknight Dinner By Andrew Zimmern Don’t be put off by the loosey-goosey nature of this crispy, egg-filled oyster pancake. It’s Viet–inspired street food at its simplest and best. I use my hands to break apart a pancake, dipping it into the sauce. How to shuck an oyster:

Hawaii’s Big Island Recommendations

Da Poke Shack If I could only eat one thing while visiting Hawaii, it’d have to be poke. A Hawaiian word meaning cut or slice, poke is a raw seafood salad typically made with fresh Ahi tuna. It’s refreshing, luxurious, and so simple. The best part? You don’t have to shell out the big bucks…  Read More

7 Food Spots at the Mall of America that Don’t Suck

Where to Eat at Minnesota’s #1 Attraction By Molly Mogren  We’re the land of 10,000 lakes, the birthplace of Prince and Bob Dylan, home to the Boundary Waters and some of the best live music and theater in the country. And yet, our number one tourist attraction is a mall. Don’t get me wrong, I…  Read More

8 Great Meals in Las Vegas

Sin City Recommendations Las Vegas is wholly intoxicating, a city dedicated to sensory overload that’s all about being the biggest and the best. And while chefs from all over the country are generating a lot of great food in glamorous settings on the Strip, you won’t be sorry if you venture off the main drag…  Read More