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Irish Country Bread|Irish Country Bread

Irish Country Bread

Irish Country Bread By Andrew Zimmern This recipe for yeasty, springy, light, sweet bread with a crisp brown mantle of a crust comes from Clovisse Ferguson of Gubbeen Farm in Schull, Ireland. I had been on the lookout for this baked perfection for a decade. For real. She got the technique and recipe framework from the…  Read More

Curried Lamb Hand Pies|Curried Lamb Hand Pies

Curried Lamb Hand Pies

Easy Savory Hand Pies By Andrew Zimmern These individual curried lamb hand pies are easy to throw together for a fun weeknight dinner.

Oxtail with Bavarian Bread Dumplings|Oxtails with Bread Dumplings|Oxtail with Bavarian Bread Dumplings|Oxtail with Bavarian Bread Dumplings

Irish Farmhouse Cooking from Gubbeen Farm

Oxtail with Bread Dumplings This is a rich and hearty dish – the juices from the oxtail make the gravy unique and if there is any left after your dinner on day one, you can certainly make a soup the following day when the richness will have done that wonderful ‘next day’ thing. Recipe from Gubbeen…  Read More