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Essential Tips for Braising

4 Rules for Better Braising Everyone loves to braise, and the mythology indicates that it’s easy, but it’s not—it’s simple (and there is a difference). But for everyone who thinks that braising is forgiving, I would remind you of the last dried-out pot roast you’ve eaten. Here are some handy tips for braising. Brown well.…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's Braised Brisket Recipe

Classic Braised Brisket with Fennel & Onions Recipe

Braised Brisket with Fennel & Onions By Andrew Zimmern This classic braised brisket is a riff on my grandmother’s recipe. It was one of the first dishes I helped my grandmother make and a staple at my family’s holiday table for generations. Braised in the oven with fennel and onions, it’s perfectly melting and tender.…  Read More