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Andrew Zimmern Cheeseburger Meatball Sub

Cheeseburger Meatball Subs

By Andrew Zimmern I have wanted to try this version of meatballs for a while because I am really obsessed with all kinds, from all cultures and food traditions. They are light when rolled properly and not overcooked. Meatballs are versatile and can be made quickly on a weeknight with ingredients of all types. Grilled…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern Recipe Simple Bean Soup

Easy Bean Soup

Easy Bean Soup By Andrew Zimmern I recently joined the board of directors for an amazing new advocacy group called Beans Is How. The idea: We all need to eat more beans and less of everything else. I’ll join the Bean Science & Innovation Advisory Council’s co-chairs and a trans-disciplinary council of experts, along with…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern Recipe Black Pepper Chicken

Stir Fried Chicken with Pea Tips

Black Pepper Chicken Stir Fry By Andrew Zimmern This is an easy meal that comes together quickly and — with a pot of rice and some cucumber salad — makes for a simple and delicious meal. I made a monster batch just to see if I could, and while it was unwieldy, I wanted to…  Read More

Mushroom & Miso Fettuccine

Cool Evenings Call for a Perfect Fall Pasta Dish By Andrew Zimmern If you need to make dinner in 12 minutes, how about a salad and this PERFECT pasta dish? The umami of the miso and fish sauce may sound strange, but it’s tempered by the butter and cream, which intensify the flavors of the…  Read More

Stuffed Pepper Tacos

This is the taco of your dreams. By Andrew Zimmern Pan-charred stuffed cheesy peppers make a delicious taco filling, and the charred soft pepper halves still retain their green vegetal quality despite the other ingredients creating an explosion of flavors. The peppers stand up perfectly to the cheese as well, and they’re the perfect platform…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern Recipe Pasta with Clams

Pasta With Spicy Sausage and Clam Sauce

Pasta With Spicy Sausage and Clam Sauce By Andrew Zimmern Pasta with clams is a once-a-weeker in my home, and whether I put it over linguine or any other shape pasta, it doesn’t matter: the sauce and the noodles are harmonious regardless of what shape you use (though I do like macaroni and orecchiette because…  Read More

Fried Chicken Sandwich

My Favorite Chicken Sandwich of the Moment By Andrew Zimmern I make several versions that everyone in the family loves, and I think this one is my current favorite. A quick marinade, the sweetness from the par-cooked garlic/ginger, the killer jammy mustard sauce. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do.  

Sweet Pea Penne Carbonara

Sweet Pea Penne Carbonara By Andrew Zimmern So a few weeks ago I was making my sweet pea risotto for dinner and thought, what about a sweet pea carbonara? There are lots of fun ways to flavor a traditional carbonara. Bittman, the NYT and Food & Wine magazine all have various versions of spinach carbonara,…  Read More

Hong Kong Style Soy Sauce Noodles

One of My Favorite Easy Weeknight Meals By Andrew Zimmern Way out on Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, I ate in a middling restaurant pretty frequently before it closed. Like a lot of restaurants, it did a few things so well, so perfectly, that I kept going just for those dishes. One of them was…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern Recipe Aligot Potatoes

Aligot Potatoes

Aligot (Cheesy Potatoes) By Andrew Zimmern Some classic dishes are cooked less and less these days which surprises me on two fronts. First off, classics are classics for a reason.  And secondly, some of these classics are so simple. If you love cheese enriched potatoes, you will love aligot, a classic French recipe from Aubrac. Have…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern Recipe Korean Fried Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken

Maybe my best fried chicken recipe ever. By Andrew Zimmern Monday night I made my Korean Fried Chicken, in a new style, a combination of techniques that I think gave me the best of two worlds. Some like to mix potato and tapioca starches. Some like to use one or the other mixed with Panko…  Read More

Easy Black Pepper Beef

A superbly easy, timeless family favorite. By Andrew Zimmern I love this dish. I’ve been making it for years and long ago hybridized it with my beef with snow peas and oyster sauce recipe. You can use any green veg, but I stay away from anything that adds too much moisture, so avoid leafy greens…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern Recipe Chopped Cheese Sandwich

Chopped Cheese Sandwich

I ate a lot of chopped cheese sandwiches as a kid growing up. You’d find them in nooks and crannies of the city, in bodegas in the Bronx. It’s like a cheesesteak but made with hamburger meat and slices of American cheese. I like hot peppers in mine and skip the condiments, but feel free…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern Recipe Lemon Dill Chicken

Chicken with Lemon & Dill

Weeknight Dinner Magic By Andrew Zimmern This dish is so easy and yummy and perfect for any weeknight. I use chicken thighs and fresh Meyer lemons. They make all the difference. If you make this, send me your pictures and tag me on Instagram so I can see yours. Looking for more chicken recipes? Here are…  Read More

Korean japchae stir-fried glass noodles with beef, vegetables, and soy sauce

Japchae with Beef and Vegetables

Japchae with Beef and Vegetables By Andrew Zimmern Korean food is bound to the earth. Their culture understands wellness, health, and diet are indispensably tied together. I love cooking Korean food, especially dishes like japchae, made with sweet potato starch noodles and a dozen vegetables, some meat if you care to, and a simple seasoning…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern Recipe Cucumber Chili Crisp Salad

Spicy Sweet Cucumber Salad

Chili crisp is the “it” ingredient of the moment. I make my own in two-gallon batches because we use so much of it when we are cooking for events and recipe testing in our kitchen studio. I like versions that are loaded with sweet spices (cinnamon/star anise, etc) and Sichuan peppercorns. I put it on…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern Crispy Shrimp Toast Sandwich

Crispy Shrimp Toast Sandwiches

I’ve been making versions of this shrimp toast recipe for years. To my surprise I have never ever made them “covered” with two pieces of bread surrounding the shrimp mixture! So I am making this for the fam one day, and my kid who loves the crunchy bread says I should make it crunchier and…  Read More

Andrew Zimmenr Recipe Glazed Chicken with Root Beer

Sticky Spicy Glazed Chicken with Root Beer

Sticky Spicy Glazed Chicken with Root Beer By Andrew Zimmern I was making a classic take on a version of Chinese three-cup chicken. I was in a duck camp, and wanted to braise the dark quarters from birds we had shot and serve them with rice. I had all the stuff I needed except some…  Read More

scallion oil noodles, Chinese Shanghai food

Weeknight Scallion Noodles

I love noodles —  and anything in the onion family. By Andrew Zimmern This week, piles of scallions, spring onions, garlic chives, chives, leeks and ramps are flooding local markets. This noodle dish, which can be easily made for two people or for a crowd, takes advantage of that spring bounty and can be eaten…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern Recipe Shrimp Po Boy

Garlic Butter Shrimp Po’Boy

Garlic Butter Shrimp Po’Boy By Andrew Zimmern I must be craving sandwiches these days (see: pizza sandwich, fried pork cutlet po’boy, birria torta ahogada, meatball sliders, lobster rolls…), so it only seems fitting that I decided to stuff a garlicky, buttery shrimp scampi-like concoction between bread and call it a po’boy. This one comes together…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern Recipe Pizza Sandwich

The Ultimate Pizza Sandwich

Mortadella & Prosciutto Pizza Sandwich By Andrew Zimmern This, my friends, is the epic Italian hero of my dreams. Instead of a hoagie roll, I’m using pizza dough, folded onto itself before it’s freshly baked to create a pizza pocket begging to be filled with all of your favorite ingredients. My go-to fillings are a…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern Recipe Chorizo Nachos

Sheet Pan Chorizo Nachos

Sheet Pan Chorizo Nachos By Andrew Zimmern What’s better than a towering platter of fully loaded, flavor-packed nachos? Nothing… especially when you consider the scratch-made salsas, the chorizo, the mix of cheeses and a healthy dose of my Mexican Fiesta seasoning. It’s the perfect game day couch chow, an epic midnight snack, a really hearty…  Read More

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala By Andrew Zimmern This creamy, tomato-based, richly spiced curry has been a stalwart in my house for decades. It may not be traditional — there’s no long marinade, you don’t need a tandoori oven — but I can guarantee it’s delicious, and convenient and accessible enough for a weeknight dinner. My secret…  Read More

Chicken Piccata Meatballs

Chicken Piccata Meatballs By Andrew Zimmern If you love the citrusy, briny punch of a classic Italian-American chicken piccata, this recipe is meant for you. The easy chicken meatballs are made with my Italian Seasoning, exploding with the rich flavors of basil, oregano, garlic, shallot and chiles. Serve them over pasta with a generous showering…  Read More

Beef Birria

Birria Torta Ahogado By Andrew Zimmern For the last several years, birria recipes and all of their spinoffs (quesabirria! birria ramen! birria pizza!) have certainly had their time in the limelight. And while it may be trendy, no one can deny it is utterly delicious at its core — goat, beef or lamb, bathed in…  Read More


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Andrew Zimmern Recipe Banana Bread

Banana Bread, But Better

It’s heavier and denser, with a crumb that’s pretty standard on the upper half but denser on the bottom. It’s how I like it. I was tired of tea cake banana breads or finely crumbed versions that didn’t deliver on the big banana flavor and brown sugar molasses vibes. This one suits me just perfectly.…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern Recipe Chicken Salad

Easy Curry Chicken Salad

By Andrew Zimmern All great recipes have something in common, a harmonious balance of textures and flavor — sweet and spicy, crunchy and creamy, vibrant and mellow, hot and cold. This super easy, weeknight-friendly, meal prep winner hits all the right marks. Fresh, crisp vegetables add a welcome crunch to the moist chicken salad that’s…  Read More


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Andrew Zimmern Recipe Pork Cutlet Po Boy

Fried Pork Cutlet Po’ Boy

By Andrew Zimmern This is my idea of the ultimate sandwich. Breaded and fried pork tenderloin, seasoned with my Citrus Herb Mediterranean-Style spice blend, layered on the perfect hoagie with harissa, tomatoes, remoulade sauce and an olive, onion and cabbage slaw. This, my friends, is a work of art that’s unrivaled in my books. Try…  Read More