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All New Bizarre Foods Premieres Tuesday on Travel Channel

All New Bizarre Foods Premieres Tuesday on Travel Channel

Bizarre Foods Season 9 Premieres January 31 9|8c on Travel Channel.

In the all-new season of Bizarre Foods, I’m exploring America’s history and diverse cuisine along the country’s most famous historic routes. Traveling in the USA is all about the legendary trips that define our culture, from de Tocqueville to Kesey’s Merry Pranksters. Our history can be defined by our voyages, from north to south, and from sea to shining sea. It’s thrilling for me see our country’s great journeys, routes and pathways laid out for our fans with all the epic, historical sweep and adventure learning baked into a classic Bizarre Foods season.

Lewis and Clark Trail

I begin the journey in Oregon, uncovering indigenous foods of the Pacific Northwest while following in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark. After that, I’m headed to the Great Lakes coastline communities, the Southern barbecue belt, the Civil War antebellum trail, Route 66 and the Pacific Coast Highway. The new season will also feature a six-part companion web series, “Andrew in the Kitchen.” First up, I’m cooking Thai Coconut Salmon Soup, inspired by my experience on the Columbia River with Brigette McConville.

Thai Coconut Salmon Soup

Get the recipe for Thai Coconut Salmon Soup >>>


Southern Road Trip

I’m also very excited to announce the premiere of Travel Channel’s latest digital series, Southern Road Trip, produced by Intuitive Content. In the six part series, Adeev and Ezra Potash—twin jazz musicians born-and-raised in the Midwest—set out on the ultimate fish-out-of-water, culinary and cultural adventure through the American South.

Southern Road Trip with the Potash Twins

First stop is Charleston, rich in both old and new food traditions, where the twins experience the hottest new restaurants alongside mom-and-pop joints deep-rooted in the past. Next they hit the country roads, winding through swamps and Spanish moss forests, and pulling off at roadside attractions where they meet friendly, welcoming—and sometimes strange—locals who take them deeper into the Southern experience. Through food, music, local lore and good ol’ southern hospitality, the twins take a rich and rewarding dive into the great American South.

Southern Road Trip with the Potash Twins

Watch the series at


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