Alton Brown

Go Fork Yourself: Alton Brown

Alton Brown “If I can entertain you, I can infect you.” On this special episode of Go Fork Yourself, Andrew has a conversation with Alton Brown about challenges in the food entertainment industry, obsession, and finding purpose. Listen: Be sure to check out Alton’s interview of Andrew on The Alton Browncast.  Watch: “Silent Bubble” Questions We want to…  Read More

AZ on The Alton Browncast

The Alton Browncast: Andrew Zimmern My Chat with Alton On my last visit to L.A., I stopped to visit my friend, Alton Brown. We sat down in his trailer outside of the Cutthroat Kitchen studio to record back-to-back podcasts. First, Alton interviewed me for The Alton Browncast. We talk storytelling, giving back, and addiction & recovery. Take…  Read More