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Surf & Turf at the Cultivate Festival

For my demo at this year’s Cultivate Festival in Kansas City, I’m cooking what I call street food surf and turf, a winning combination of crispy garlic short ribs and char-grilled chili shrimp. Invite friends over for some cocktails and a snack…serve this street food surf and turf along with a few bottles of prosecco and a range of crisp bright beers.

If a meal is more your thing, simply serve these recipes with some steamed sticky rice and wok-tossed Chinese greens with ginger and scallions, and you will have a meal suitable to impress even the most finicky diners.

Catch my demo at 3:45pm at the Chef’s Stage.


Crispy Garlic Short RibsCrispy Garlic Short Ribs

This is a classic Philippine rib recipe that will be impossible for you to resist making again and again. The vinegar in this dish is a holdover from the first wave of Spanish cookery that influenced much of Pinoy (Filipino) food culture. Get the Recipe >>>




Grilled Chili ShrimpChar-Grilled Chili Shrimp

I learned this technique in Goa India. It’s my favorite shrimp recipe. The tomato and tamarind marinade is beyond insane. Get the Recipe >>>





Chipotle Cultivate

July 23, 11AM-7PM
Penn Valley Park, Kansas City, MO



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