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How to Celebrate the Short Soft Shell Crab Season

Over the years my love for crabs has grown steadily, especially fresh soft shell crabs. This is the time of year to avoid the frozen blue swimmer imports that seem to populate every crab shack and sushi bar during the rest of the year. May is the time to celebrate the true soft crab of the East, the Chesapeake blue. When blue crabs shed their shells they are entirely edible, legs and all. The saline brightness is almost oyster-ish in its flavor, the textures are singular and the meat is sweet as candy. When they are super fresh, their briny intensity is unrivaled. Here are three of my favorite ways to cook them.

Crispy Soft-Shell Crabs with Bangalore-Style Dipping Sauce


Indian seafood recipes are not as popular as other dishes from that amazing culinary culture—but they should be. Check out this recipe and you will be sold. Get the recipe >>>


Soft Shell Crab Toasts


Serving soft shell crabs on toast as an open-face sandwich remains one of my favorite treatments. Get the recipe >>>


Pan-Crisped Soft Shell Crabs with Lemon & Herbs


I set my culinary calendar for May’s soft-shell crabs and eat them as often as I can. This classic preparation with a lemon and herb butter sauce is foolproof.  Get the recipe >>>


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