• Beef Carpaccio


By Andrew Zimmern

Beef Carpaccio


  • Two 4  or 5 oz pieces of trimmed beef top round


  • Tarragon and mint sprig tips or leaves
  • Lemon zest
  • Toasted crushed pistachios
  • Sliced hot chiles, use your favorite. I love jalapeno and red Fresno for this
  • Shavings of Reggiano parmesan
  • Drizzles of GREAT olive oil. Get a good one.
  • Olive slices if you care to…
  • Edible flowers
  • Nasturtium leaves
  • My secret… I use the last inch of tonnato sauce in my plastic tub, loosened with a little vinegar or lemon juice, placed in a squeeze bottle, and drizzled on top.


Rub with just enough oil to cover

Place each piece between sheets of plastic wrap and pound out with a meat mallet until the size of a dinner plate. Place carpaccio on a large plate.

Season with sea salt and ground black pepper and garnish.

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