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Shrimp Tempura||Shrimp-Tempura-Recipe

Shrimp Tempura with Tentsuyu

Traditional Shrimp Tempura By Andrew Zimmern When making tempura, the texture is as important as the flavor. Getting it right starts with the batter, a simple mixture of water, egg and flour. The methodology of stirring is vital; the combination of under-mixing and using cold water leaves lumps in the batter. That way the batter will actually…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern’s Guide to Deep-Frying

Deep Fry Like a Pro The word ‘fried’ is one of the most maligned terms in the kitchen. There’s no denying that fried foods aren’t the healthiest thing you can put in your mouth. But let’s face it, we’re pleasure seekers at heart and a little fried food every now and again is soul satisfying.…  Read More