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Go Fork Yourself: Alton Brown

Alton Brown “If I can entertain you, I can infect you.” On this special episode of Go Fork Yourself, Andrew has a conversation with Alton Brown about challenges in the food entertainment industry, obsession, and finding purpose. Listen: Be sure to check out Alton’s interview of Andrew on The Alton Browncast.  Watch: “Silent Bubble” Questions We want to…  Read More

Go Fork Yourself: Best of 2014: Part 2

Best of 2014: Part 2 Best of 2014 To celebrate the end of a great year, here is part two of our Best of 2014 episodes. One of our favorite interviews from 2014, Andrew sat down with Alton Brown in his trailer on the Cutthroat Kitchen lot to have a very honest and personal conversation…  Read More

AZ on The Alton Browncast

The Alton Browncast: Andrew Zimmern My Chat with Alton On my last visit to L.A., I stopped to visit my friend, Alton Brown. We sat down in his trailer outside of the Cutthroat Kitchen studio to record back-to-back podcasts. First, Alton interviewed me for The Alton Browncast. We talk storytelling, giving back, and addiction & recovery. Take…  Read More