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Corey Lee's Chocolate|Benu

Chocolate With Candied Seeds by Corey Lee

Chocolate With Candied Seeds By Corey Lee For years, we served traditional molded chocolates, filled and deco­rated individually by hand. They were skillfully made, and many of our guests raved about them. Nonetheless, they always felt incon­gruous with the rest of our menu, appearing somewhat common and possibly interpreted as a platitudinal gesture that comes…  Read More

5 Questions: Corey Lee

A Technical Wizard Corey Lee is one of the most talented chefs in America. He’s a master technician and a creative wunderkind, cooking on a different level than almost anyone else in the country. Dinner at his three Michelin star San Francisco restaurant Benu is an unrivaled experience—a tasting menu comprised of a cuisine unique…  Read More

Best Cookbooks of 2015

The Best Cookbooks of the Year It seems each year there are more incredible cookbooks published than the last; it’s a tough job to whittle down the lengthy list into a handful of my favorites. This year in particular, there are several noteworthy debuts, like Aaron Franklin’s meat smoking manifesto, Michael Solomonov’s ode to Israeli cuisine,…  Read More