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The Best Quick Service Burgers

Four Burger Chains That Get it Right I love easy meals on a hot summer day. Between road trips, days on the water, shuttling the kids between summer camps and sports,  stopping for a quick burger is the most practical and the MOST APPEALING option. Just because you’re eating quick-service grub doesn’t mean you have…  Read More

5 Questions: Supenn Harrison

Bringing Thai to the Twin Cities Supenn Harrison introduced Minnesota to the flavors of her native Thailand when she opened her first Sawatdee restaurant in 1983. Thirty years later her story is one of great success – she’s the owner of seven acclaimed Thai restaurants, a cooking class instructor, the recipient of numerous awards and…  Read More

Go Fork Yourself: Road Trip

Road Trip Fork on the Road Andrew and Molly are on the road on this week’s Go Fork Yourself. On a three-hour car ride to Iowa, they chat about road food, cars, GPS, and where you’ll find the cleanest pit stops. Questions We want to include your listener questions in upcoming podcasts. If you want…  Read More