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Andrew Zimmern Recipe Pickled Jalapenos

Andrew Zimmern Cooks: Pickled Jalapenos

Quick Pickled Jalapenos By Andrew Zimmern Trade in your jarred jalapeno rings for this super easy quick pickle. Trust me, they’re far superior to their store bought counterpart. I always have a stash of homemade pickled jalapenos in the fridge for use on sandwiches, nachos, scrambled eggs, chili and stew, tacos, burritos, or alongside grilled…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern's recipe for Russian dressing

Andrew Zimmern Cooks: Russian Dressing

Russian Dressing By Andrew Zimmern Russian dressing—and yes, where I’m from, we call it Russian dressing not Thousand Island—is one of my favorite condiments. Used as a dip, sandwich spread or salad dressing, it’s piquant, balanced and delicious. I especially love it on a brisket sandwich with melted gruyere cheese. Watch Andrew make this recipe:  

Andrew Zimmern's Brisket

Andrew Zimmern’s Brisket Week!

Join me in the kitchen for #BrisketWeek! I’m sharing my go-to brisket recipe, one of the first dishes I helped my grandmother make and a staple at my family’s holiday table for generations. Braised in the oven with fennel and onions, it’s perfectly melting and tender. I like to cook a whole brisket because the…  Read More

Andrew Zimmern Digs Deep Behind-the-Scenes of Bizarre Foods

What is the best thing you ate while filming these episodes of Bizarre Foods? The classic fixins’ from the inside of the hog at Gerald Lemoine’s farm in Moreauville, Louisiana. They shoot a hog, clean all the entrails and collect the blood. The hog goes on the spit, split-open to be turned into their version of cochon…  Read More