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Andrew Zimmern Cooks: How to Prep Lemongrass

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How to Prep Lemongrass

I love cooking with lemongrass. It’s a staple of many Asian cuisines that lends a unique citrusy aroma and flavor to soups, curries, marinades, stir-fries, dumplings and dipping sauces, even cocktails. Peel away the dried, tough outer layers, trim the top of the long stalk, pound the root end with a mallet or rolling pin to easily remove the fibrous root and release its oils, then simply slice or mince for your favorite dishes.


Ready to cook? Here are a few of my best recipes for lemongrass.

Pork Belly Sisig

Pork Belly Sisig

Everyone knows how much I love Filipino food. I especially adore sisig. The combination of flavors will have you making this dish for years to come. Get the recipe >>>



Thai-Style Spicy Grilled Beef Salad

Thai-Style Spicy Grilled Beef Salad

This spicy, savory Asian grilled beef salad is pushed over the top by addictively delicious fried potato crisps. It’s an easy, ultra-flavorful meal. Get the recipe >>>



Bangkok Chicken

Sweet & Sour Bangkok-Style Chicken with Chiles

I think this recipe is the one my friends clamor for the loudest when we plan dinner parties. Get the recipe >>>



Thai Hot & Sour Soup

Thai Hot-and-Sour Coconut Chicken Soup

If there is a more popular Thai dish than this one, I don’t know what it could be. And everyone thinks it must be very tough to make, but it couldn’t be easier. Get the recipe >>>





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