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11 Ways to Use Your Kitchen Shears

11 Ways to Use Your Kitchen Shears

Kitchen Shears Are an Essential Kitchen Tool

In my humble opinion, few items can be as useful as a good pair of kitchen shears. They’re more than just a pair of scissors you keep in your kitchen, they’re a versatile tool you can look to for precise, easy cuts. Skipping on the cutting board also means less dishes to wash; simply snip your ingredients over a bowl or dish and you’re good to go. A good pair designed for the kitchen is essential: they’re hefty, sharp and can be disassembled for cleaning. A few ways I depend on mine:

1. Slicing pizza!

Most pizza cutters suck. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I opted for one of those rolling numbers. Instead, I just snip through my pies for the perfect triangle pieces. Same goes for quesadillas!

2. Snipping herbs that bruise easily.

I hate to see bruised basil, chives or scallions. Instead of manhandling these more delicate greens with your chef’s knife, try snipping them with your shears. Fun tip: stack your basil leaves, then roll the long way (like a cigar). Using your shears, make 1/8-inch cuts down the entire basil roll. Voila! Perfect chiffonade!

Shun Herb Shears

3. Removing the ends of green beans is a PIA.

Simply grab a handful, make sure the ends are even, and snip away.

4. Breaking down a whole chicken.

A good pair of shears not only gives you lots of control, they’re also sharp enough to cut through chicken bones, joints and cartilage. You’ll have that chicken broken down in no time!

5. Cutting up raw bacon.

No more slippery, slimy bacon chopping. Snip away!

6. Cutting fresh pasta.

Use the shears for making perfect ravioli, my go-to gnocchi recipe, for cutting fresh homemade spaghetti and fettuccine.


7. Trimming the ends off fresh flowers.

Not necessarily food related, but you certainly do this in your kitchen and there is no better tool for the job.

8. Cooking with kids.

Using shears versus a knife makes it easier for junior to help in the kitchen. Example: that gnocchi recipe I mentioned in item #6.

9. Tetris-ing your lasagna noodles.

Not all lasagna noodles fit perfectly into a pan. Use your scissors to make precise cuts next time you’re carb loading.

10. Preparing artichokes.

Use your shears to snip off the pointy tips of an artichoke. Check out this tutorial.

11. Trimming pie crusts.

I look to my shears to trim the edges off of a pie crust. Way easier than using a knife.

Shun Kitchen Shears

What other ways do you use your kitchen shears? Share in the comments!





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