image description August 20, 2013


Tokyo, Japan

The Ultimate Japanese Kaiseki Meal

By Bob & Sue

One of Tokyo’s greatest Michelin 3 star chefs, Hideki Ishikawa features a creative tasting menu with natural umami savory flavors in every course. Among the many highlights were an unusual mackerel dumpling soup made from the bones and head of the fish, accented by ginger and a julienne of vegetables; cylinders of raw yellow tail tuna with grated white radish; snow crab with crab innards in a jellied consommĂ©; wild boar with a dai dai bitter orange sauce; and shitake mushrooms paired with pickled vegetables, purple seaweed and a wasabi flower. Ishikawa delivers the ultimate Japanese Kaiseki meal as art, defined by its fresh ingredients, tastes, textures, attractive colors and thoughtful presentations.


5-3 7 Kagurazaka Shinjuku
Tokyo 162-0825, Japan
+81 3 5225 0173



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