image description July 2, 2013

Hunan Mao

Rosemead, California, USA
Hunan Mao

Hot on Hot

Some of the best Chinese food near Los Angeles can be found east of the city in the San Gabriel Valley, where several restaurants specialize in Hunanese cuisine (located in South Central China, the Hunan Province is a large source of immigration to the city). Hunan dishes are known for their mouth-numbing “dry heat” flavor profile, and at Hunan Mao you’ll find an array of authentic, spicy specialties. One of Hunan Mao’s signature dishes is a phenomenal steamed whole carp head that’s blanketed in a blend of dried, fresh and fermented chiles. They also have a fantastic pork and leek dish with layers of heat-packing chiles that’s appropriately named “hot over spicy,” and Mao’s braised pork (yes, it’s named for Chairman Mao Zedong, it was reportedly his favorite dish), a lucious meal of rich, braised pork belly with garlic and chiles.


8728 Valley Blvd
Rosemead, CA 91770



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