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Things We Learned at Austin Food & Wine

Things We Learned at Austin Food & Wine

A few nuggets for y’all from the Austin Food & Wine Festival:

Graham Elliot always travels with a tuxedo…. T-shirt.

Tim Love has the most badass tailgate set up of all time.

Tim Love's amazing Tailgating set up

Marcus Samuelsson is the only man on planet earth who can pull off floral-meets-camo pants. We love this man.

Jason Dady‘s “Mexican street corn” (corn flavored foam, served on top of a lime) is the coolest thing out of San Antonio since Peewee Herman visited the Alamo.

Stacy & Aaron Franklin get the award for”Most Hospitable Couple” in all of Austin.

Andrew Zimmern behind the scenes at Franklin BBQ

Tyson Cole just functions on a completely different level.

If Rene Ortiz makes a taco, you better fucking eat it.

Paul Qui‘s mohawk is upstaged only by fiancée Deanna Saukam’s killer blonde look and the chef apron she designed (see Marcus Samuelsson). I can’t wait for Qui to open so I can stop being jealous of their hair and simply covet the food at their new resto. Paul loves Pinoy food. I am pinning my hope for Filipino chow explosion on this guy. Count on it.

Billy Gibbons can make rolling up in a ’92 blue Honda Accord look cool.

Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top & Andrew Zimmern judge the Rock Your Taco Party at Austin Food & Wine

Tony MantuanoSarah Grueneberg are our favorite mentor-mentee pairing. 2 years running.

Marc Murphy is the only chef who seems to be able to sneak away for real, sit-down dinners during food festivals.

With Jodi Elliot, Philip Speer, David Norman and Laura Sawicki, Austin may be the best place for sweets and baked goods in the country.

Laura Sarwicki of La Condesa's panna cotta

We love Chris Shepherd‘s balls. Waygu meatballs, that is.

Brian Malarkey forgot to pack his socks, again. Sadly he remembered his little hat.

If you only know Christina Tosi as a pastry chef, you are missing the rest of the awesome package. Her savory creations are mind blowing.

Christina Tosi's I Love New York Taco at Austin Food and Wine

Michael Ian Black is real shy.

Half the people at the fest thought Jon Shook & Vinny Dotolo are brothers. Nope.

Georgia Pellegrini is even cooler in person than she is on Instagram.

Garrett Weber-Gale‘s “how I proposed to my fiancee” story was plucked from a Sandra Bullock rom-com.

Lance Armstrong‘s legs are shinier than a Shiner Bock.

Lastly, we all fell in love with Suja Organic Juice. Andrew literally raced from the airport to Whole Foods & bought a case 10 minutes before closing time. Clearly, the cashier was a little freaked out.

Andrew buys Suja juice at Whole Foods




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