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Eating in Beijing

Beijing, China
Eating in Beijing

Peking Specialties

By Bob & Sue

Beijing is known for its colorful food and fabulous Peking duck (Dadong restaurant has the best duck, but Made in China at the Grand Hyatt is also excellent). The Taiwanese noodle house Din Tai Fung offers soup dumplings, double boiled black chicken soup and chopped pork in soy sauce. South Beauty features pork ribs, fern root noodles and chicken with schezuan peppers. The historic but modest Li Family Restaurant offers many classic dishes, including sea cucumber in scallion soya oil and a fried Manchurian fish. The Lao She Teahouse near the Forbidden City has an entertaining shadow show of Chinese fables with delicious hot and sour soup and Beijing noodles. Local specialties are readily available at the Si He Xuan restaurant in the Jinglun Hotel and Xiao Wang’s Home Restaurant.



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