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Meat is the New Pink

Meat is the New Pink

Inventing Better Tasting Pork

Support Carl Blake’s Indiegogo campaign here.

Last month Bizarre Foods America profiled Carl Blake, one of the best guys on the planet. He’s the pig farmer who is trying to build a better hog from the ground up. He is also resuscitating the family-farm concept, remaking the diet of his animals and at the same time has stumbled onto a grow-system that I think has global applications for solving food security issues all over the world. He is a savant, and my friend. After the show aired, Carl’s profile has exploded. He’s been featured in dozens of magazine and newspaper articles, got some major coverage in the New York Times and thanks to that article was seen a few weeks ago on The Colbert Report. Carl has some big ideas, radical in one sense, but rooted in the way we farmed and fed ourselves a few generations ago. He has successfully established several new breeding programs including his stellar Iowa Swabian Hall hogs. He has figures out how to grow a better tasting, healthier hog that’s affordable for all. He has created a sustainable food system and most importantly one that’s economically sustainable. Thanks to all the attention he is getting, he now he has a lot of demand for his pork. That would be great news but like so many family farms he has limited resources to do physical upgrades to the farm. These changes need to be made so he can grow his herd and spread the gospel of edible wellness. I believe in this guy. And I want to help him. I get asked all the time by my readers, listeners and viewers how to help make a difference in our world (as I like to say “one meal at a time”) and this is how you can do it.

Carl has launched an Indiegogo funding campaign that I am supporting. Carl is calling it, “Inventing Better Tasting Pork.” Check it out here and let Carl tell you himself what, why and how he needs to upgrade his facility in Iowa. Please help. And best of all, Carl has some great product and cool swag for anyone who helps out. Here is a cool link to a local Des Moines coverage of Carl  and you can check him out on our Iowa episode from this season as well.

Bottom line- helping America’s family farmers solve our biggest health problem in our country is something we should all want to invest in. Decentralizing our food system, making healthier and better tasting pork that costs less, reinvigorating our farm economy and solving food security issues is everyone’s responsibility.

In Other Meat News

All the mystery is hopefully being taken out of the consumer’s quandary with figuring out the traditional meat-cut chart used at supermarkets and butcher shops all over America. So when Carl sends you some pork, you will know what to call it.



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