image description March 12, 2013


Paris, France

Paris’ Most Sought After Reservation

Scoring a reservation at chef Daniel Rose’s Spring is the stuff serious food lovers build a trip around (hundreds of reservation requests pour in daily, and the restaurant has a mere 28 seats – if you didn’t plan months in advance, call in the afternoon for the night’s cancellations). Located in the First Arrondissement near the Louvre in a 17th-century building, the restaurant features an underground wine cave and bar, a small open kitchen and a sparse, yet surprisingly intimate modern dining room. What makes Rose’s cuisine at Spring unique is his ability to elevate simple dishes to an extraordinary level without being too fussy. Rose, who grew up in Chicago, builds his prix fixe menu around market-fresh ingredients, with dish such as Normandy scallops served in a spicy chicken broth with Brussels sprouts and ham, and sous-vide veal served with butter-poached heirloom beets.


6 Rue Bailleul
75001 Paris
01 45 96 05 72


Photograph by Owen Franken.



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