image description April 30, 2012

Austin Food + Wine Festival

Austin, Texas, USA
Austin Food + Wine Festival

Cabrito, Cabrito, Cabrito

The first Austin Food + Wine Festival went off without a hitch– a stunning event, and one of the most fun weekends I’ve had in a while. A HUGE thanks to Food + Wine and the folks at C3 Presents for their hard work and dedication. You guys are the best at what you do & I can’t wait to see how this event grows. I could wax poetic about this great city, Austin’s adventurous approach to food, the kindness of everyone I met in the past few days… but I think I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Friday Night Lights

House Marinated Sardines – Burrata, Olives, Orange & Almonds on<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
 a Crostino

At Friday’s New Taste of Texas event. House Marinated Sardines with Burrata, Olives, Orange & Almonds on a Crostino from Spiaggia.

Uchi Dessert

A refreshing desesrt course form Uchiko. Lemon Ash Ice – Green Strawberry Consommé, Black Pepper & Arugula Blossom.

Photo Opp

From L to R: Me, Jonathan Waxman, Tim Love, Garrett Weber Gale, Marcus Samuelsson & Nathan Followill

Hotel St Cecelia

A little after-hours dessert party at the gorgeous Hotel St. Cecilia. One of the only times “boutique hotel” isn’t synonymous with “cramped room.”

Saturday in the Sun (& Dust)

Josh Ozersky & Food Republic

A pre-demo interview with Josh Ozersy from Time Magazine & Matt Rodbard from Food Republic.

Pre-demo Slurpee

Dude, who doesn’t love a pre-demo Slurpee?

Beef Heart

Beef heart, courtesy of my friends at Whole Foods. Beautiful, no?

Seared beef heart

Grilled Bolivian Ox Heart. Best cut of meat on the animal, no joke.

One-Pot Wings

Passing around my One-Pot Sticky Chicken Wings.

Tim Love's Goat Taco

Tim Love’s cabrito & chili taco at Saturday night’s Rock Your Taco party.

And the winner is

Christine Grdovic, Gail Simmons & I ‘splain our judging process.

Tyson Cole wins!

Winner Tyson Cole claims his five-stringed prize.

Love, SImmons, Zimmern, Grdovic

Tim Love, Gail Simmons, Me & Christina Grdovic

Sunday Funday



Cabrito anyone?

Grilled Goat Kidney

Moroccan Goat Liver & Kidney Kebabs with Lemon and Herb Oil
Marcus & AZ Crash Tim's demo

Marcus Samuelsson & I crash Tim’s grilling demo.

Tim Love's Grilling Demo

How much do you love this interactive demo? I’m stealing this idea for next year.



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