Outrage, grief and pain over the failure to address equity issues, real justice and systemic racism is fueling a necessary movement for change across the nation. I believe in stepping up and advocating for our BIPOC and any marginalized communities. Let’s dismantle these oppressive systems. I am listening and learning, and will amplify and donate where I can. Let’s support BIPOC businesses and drop off much-needed supplies to hurting communities. Keep your foot on the gas, whatever methods you choose to be the change are vital.

I wanted to share some resources that I have been using:




Some organizations and leaders to learn from:


Potential ways you can also show up:

  • Commit to something long term now to help dismantle racism and hold yourself accountable to that promise
  • Research and create a local list of good work serving BIPOC communities. This moment is not just about police brutality. It is also about food deserts, school systems, prisons, youth empowerment, media and arts.
  • Tell your followers to put pressure on your mayor to commit to police reform. Watch this video by President Obama message for mayors, starts at 10:30. (here is the document he references)
  • Post the work of BIPOC  organizations on your platforms
  • Support BIPOC owned businesses and highlight them on your platform
  • Look at these organizations and take their lead and ask your followers to direct folks to follow.
  • Encourage folks to donate to these organizations
  • Do NOT become defensive if you are called on something you post. Recognize that you will make mistakes, and that folks holding you accountable are investing in your learning.
  • Consider your use of “#blacklivesmatter”
  • Continue to use the words Black Lives Matter on all of your posts, just remove the actual hashtag if you feel it does not need to live on that feed.
  • This way the feed can be a resource for inspiration and change.
  • Bring protestors food


For the Twin Cities: