• Stuffed Pepper Tacos


This is the taco of your dreams.

By Andrew Zimmern

Pan-charred stuffed cheesy peppers make a delicious taco filling, and the charred soft pepper halves still retain their green vegetal quality despite the other ingredients creating an explosion of flavors. The peppers stand up perfectly to the cheese as well, and they’re the perfect platform for the pork.

You can use whatever filling you like for the peppers. I make this with leftover chicken thighs, thinly sliced steak or chopped shrimp more often than not, but a few nights ago I made a pork roast that was one of the best I have ever tasted. I got it from D’Artagnan; it’s their milk-fed porcelet collar roast. It cooks up crispy with the most profoundly delicious pork flavor I have had in years. I have three in my freezer, and I can’t encourage you more fervently to buy this cut.

I had a softball-sized end left over, so I sliced it thin, chopped it and pan-fried it until it was crispy and browned. I filled pepper halves with the meat, and I was on my way. You won’t be sorry you made this one.


Make the salsas. (Recipes below.)

Cut limes into quarters. Slice some red onions, and chop some cilantro.

Cut up any leftover meat you have hanging out around the house (I used pork today).

Slice some Anaheim chiles or poblanos in half and discard the seeds.

Brown the meat.

Place the peppers a hot pan, skin-side down, over medium heat. (I put a tablespoon of vegetable oil in the pan.)

Fill peppers with some hot browned pork (or other filling).

Cook for 12-13 minutes or so until the peppers are tender and pliant and their bottoms are charred a bit.

Fill with grated cheese and cover pan with a lid until the cheese melts.

Place peppers on corn tortillas. (I heated mine on my stovetop burners to give them a little char.)

Add salsa, onions and cilantro, plus some sea salt. Squeeze some limes.



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