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Picadillo Vainica

Picadillo Vainica

Costa Rican Picadillo By Andrew Zimmern Last spring, I was driving across Costa Rica with my family and we stopped in a cafeteria in a small mountain town. The place was called San Ramon el Jardín and they served food all day long, cooked by grandmas in what had to be the cleanest truck stop…  Read More

Oxtail Picadillo

Chasing Tail I taught a grilling class called “Head-to-Tail with Tim Love” at the Austin Food & Wine Festival, where we were grilling with hundreds of people, all with their own grills. Tim demonstrated recipes for the head, I did the tail and along the way we gave folks a nice primer about grilling parts of…  Read More

Discussing Demos with Tim Love

Chef-on-Chef Action During the Austin Food & Wine Festival, Tim Love (Lonesome Dove) and I did a really fun demo together called “Heads or Tails.” It isn’t a typical demo where the audience watches as the chefs cook. In this demo, everyone participates. While Tim and I are on stage in the front, the grass…  Read More

Austin Food & Wine Fest Recipes

Cooking Alternative Proteins in Texas I have a lot on my plate at this year’s Austin Food & Wine Festival. I’m judging Rock Your Taco, teaching a grilling class called “Head-to-Tail with Tim Love,” and also demonstrating Wild Bird 3 Ways: ducks, pheasant and dove. Hope you enjoy these recipes! Head-to-Tail with Tim Love Kyoto…  Read More