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Andrew Zimmern’s Top 5 Minnesota State Fair Foods


Top 5 Minnesota State Fair Foods

My most frequently asked question has to be: “Andrew Zimmern, what is the best thing to eat at the Minnesota State Fair?” It’s a really tough question to answer, there are too many great options. Alas, I’ve tried to dwindle it down to a few items you should absolutely not miss.


Fresh Lemonade & Cheese-on-a-Stick: the best grilled cheese you can imagine paired with freshly squeezed lemonade.


Footlong Hot Dog

Footlong Hot Dogs: at the corner of Carnes and Nelson you’ll find a real German-style frank with snappy skin.


State Fair cheese curds

Cheese Curds: a classic Minnesota State Fair staple.


Minnesota State Fair

Gizmo: simply put, it’s a meat torpedo of delight.


Sweet Martha's Cookies

Sweet Martha’s Cookies and Cinnie Smiths: my top choices for baked goods. Both booths serve Minnesota grandma-style recipes, made-to-order in the booths.


Want more?

Check out the full list of my favorite State Fair foods.

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