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Cookbook: Pok Pok

Cookbook: Pok Pok

Food and Stories From Thailand

If you’re looking for a lesson in Thai cooking, there is no better teacher than Andy Ricker. As the James Beard award winning chef and owner of a thriving Pok Pok empire that includes seven restaurants between Portland and New York City, Ricker has become one of the most knowledgeable and trusted authorities on Thai cuisine in the United Sates. In this groundbreaking cookbook, Ricker weaves together superb recipes, enlightening cultural narratives, beautiful photography, personal essays and incomparable insight into the essence of Thai food. Beyond recipes, the book guides you through sourcing the right ingredients, fundamental Thai cooking techniques and understanding the flavor profiles that are unique to Southeast Asian cuisine. The 13 chapters cover everything from perfect sticky rice and steamed whole fish, to Thai minced-meat salads and traditional curries. He even includes the recipe for one of the most obsessed-over dishes in the country, his fish sauce wings. The book’s greatest achievement is the honest, uncompromising way it brings real Thai cookery right into American readers’ homes. Order your copy here.

Sneak Peak: Get Ricker’s recipe for Sticky Rice with Durian Custard.

Pok Pok

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