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Bizarre Bites: Rabbit

Bizarre Bites: Rabbit

There’s a hare in my soup!

Oh, wait. It’s supposed to be there. Found on tables in the Americas, Europe, and parts of the Middle East, rabbit and hare are just as cute as they are delicious. Rabbit meat is most often categorized into three groups. Fryer cuts come from rabbits up to nine weeks in age, range between four and five pounds, and render a tender, fine-grained meat. Roaster cuts come form rabbits over five pounds and are usually firm and course. The last category of rabbit meat is giblets, also known as the internal organs like the heart and liver. Giblets is a much cuter name.

Rabbit Fun Facts

Illustration by: Chuck Gonzales

Rabbit Fun Facts

  • All rabbits originated from North America. They were brought to different parts of the world as a food source. They quickly became a pesky species, reproducing quickly and devastating crops.
  • Rabbits’ eyes are positioned high on their heads so they have nearly 360-degree vision.
  • The jackrabbit can run about 45 miles per hour.
  • When being chased, rabbits run in a zigzag motion. This makes it difficult for predators to follow the rabbit’s scent.
  • When a rabbit senses danger, it often pauses and will then pound the ground with its powerful hind leg. This serves as a warning signal to the other rabbits underground in their burrows.


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Rabbit ears can be as long as a foot and were most likely adapted for detecting predators. Because rabbits are prey animals (and completely delicious, by the way), they must be aware of their surroundings at all times.

Human ears are important, too. Not only do they let you listen to your favorites tunes, they also help you keep your balance. Your inner ear has liquid in it that helps to tell your brain if you’re standing up straight, leaning forward, or hanging up-side-down.

It’s important to protect your ears. If you’re going somewhere that is going to be loud like a rock concert or a rocket launch, it’s a good idea to bring earplugs.



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